Saturday has shows by Dorgival Dantas and Tom Cléber on AM

THE schedule of this Saturday (7/30) has shows of the singers Dorgival Dantas and Tom Cleberin autazes and Rio Preto da Evamunicipalities in the amazon. In the event schedule of manausthere is a samba circle with performances by Pericles and rigor.

Dorgival Dantas and Tom Cleber. Photos: Publicity

Check out Saturday’s events

Arraial do Parque da Cidade da Criança

Parque Cidade da Criança holds a fair this Saturday (30/7), in Manaus. With free admission, the event ‘Parque Cidade da Criança na Roça’ will be from 9 am to 8 pm. There will be folk dances, theatrical performances, an arts workshop, sports and cultural competitions. More information at number: (92) 99283-5727.

‘Arraial Pet’

The Super Nova Era at Avenida das Torres, in Manaus, hosts the ‘Arraial Pet’, this Saturday (30/7). The event will have a redneck king and queen contest, gifts and adoption of dogs and cats. The action will take place from 9 am to 1 pm. know more here.

Amazonas Shopping Father’s Day Campaign

Amazonas Shopping kicks off the Father’s Day campaign this Saturday (7/30), in Manaus. The action will give away three Boram brand electric motorcycles. Customers will also receive a free craft beer. know more here.

Arraial do Lato Sensu

Colégio Lato Sensu promotes fair this Saturday (30/7), Manaus. The party takes place at the Cidade Nova unit’s sports court, from 8 am to 12:15 pm. The dances ‘Country’, ‘Carimbó’, ‘Requebradinho’, ‘Pula Pula Pipoquinha’ and ‘Quadrilha’ will be presented at the venue. The ticket will be the donation of 1 kg of non-perishable food.

Festival Until Tucupi 2022

The Festival Ato o Tucupi 2022 ends the program this Saturday (30/7), in Manaus. On this day there is attendance, meeting and Musical Show, with a show by the singer, actress and performer Jup do Bairro. know more here.

‘The Enchanting – Madrigal Family’ show

The show ‘O Encanto – Família Madrigal’ will be presented again at Teatro Manauara, this Saturday (30/7), in Manaus. The musical starts at 5pm. Tickets are on sale at

5th Bianca Maia Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2022

The Olympic Village of Manaus will host the 5th Bianca Maia Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2022 until this Saturday (7/30), at the Amazonas Gymnastics Gym. know more here.

Dorgival Dantas at the Milk Festival 2022

Singer and songwriter Dorgival Dantas performs at Festa do Leite 2022, this Saturday (30/7), in Autazes, Amazonas. The event’s program takes place at the Jair de Menezes Tupinambá Exhibition Park. Throughout the day there is also the schedule of the Agricultural Fair. know more here.

Tom Cléber at the Banana Party 2022

The Banana Festival 2022 continues with programming this Saturday (30/7), in Rio Preto da Eva, in the interior of Amazonas. The event, organized by the local community, has the attraction of the second night, Tom Cléber. know more here.

Student Festival

The Student Festival continues this Saturday (7/30), in Manaus. The event takes place at Praça do Amarelinho, in Educandos, from 7pm to 1am the next day. Access is open to the public, with collection of non-perishable food. know more here.

‘Amazon Best Style’ Contest

The ‘Amazon Best Style’ contest will award the ‘Stylist of the Year’ this Saturday (7/30). The final stage of the fashion competition takes place at the event hall of the Intercity Manaus Hotel, Zona Centro-Sul. The gates will open at 19:00 and the start of the parades at 20:00. The event is closed to guests. know more here.

Amazonas Green Jazz Festival

The closing of the Amazonas Green Jazz Festival takes place this Saturday (30/7), at Teatro Amazonas. Aaron Parks presents ‘Little Big’ project (USA); and Leila Pinheiro and Amazonas Band (Brazil) close the 10th edition of the festival. In addition to the shows, the event has free lectures and workshops. Tickets are on sale at box know more here.

Joel Jota with lecture ‘The Password’

Businessman Joel Jota presents the lecture ‘A Senha’ this Saturday (30/7), at Teatro Manauara. The event starts at 20:00. Tickets are on sale at

‘From Nothing a Pagoda’ with Pericles

Uendel Pinheiro promotes new edition ‘Do Nada um Pagode’, special ‘O Rei da Voz’, with the show of Péricles. The samba circle will also feature a show by singer Chrigor. The edition takes place this Saturday (7/30), from 9 pm, in the external area of ​​Espaço Via Torres. Tickets available at know more here.

‘Backyard Samba’

The musicians Alessandra Vieira and Rafael Freire are attractions of the project ‘Samba de Quintal’, this Saturday (30/7), in Manaus. The event, which takes place every Saturday, will be held at Quintal de Ana’s bar, starting at 9 pm. The cover charge will be R$ 10. More information at the number: (92) 99476-0781. know more here.

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