‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ | 10 years of the most wronged web-head movie

They say that time is relative, but not even Albert Einstein’s theories prepare you to realize that The spectacular Spider Man was released a decade ago. Considered by many as one of the worst films of the hero, the film was really dated, but ended up gaining a new wave of fans, who decided to give it another chance after its rescue in Spider-Man: No Return Home (2021). And despite not being a work of art, the first chapter of the ‘Spectacular’ saga is far from being the tragedy that some paint.

One of the main reasons for the film’s ill-will at its initial reception was clearly due to the lack of timing gives Sony. As you all know, five years ago, the franchise Spider manstarring Tobey Maguire and directed by Sam Raimi, won the highest grossing in the saga and fans were looking forward to the promised fourth chapter, which never happened. Initially scheduled to premiere in 2011, the film was canceled because Sony decided to restart the franchise with Andrew Garfield as Peter parker and Marc Webb in the direction.

Of course, ending a franchise as beloved as the Raimi trilogy already brings a “rancid” on the part of fans for anything that comes after. To make matters worse, the change was very close. If everything went as fans wanted, Maguire’s saga would come to an end a year before release. So, by scheduling Andrew’s debut for such a recent date, it was as if Sony went through the “mourning” of fans, who already went to the sessions grudgingly. What’s more, it was really too early for a new origin movie.

And that turned out to be a shot in the foot for Sony itself. In choosing to bring in a new origin movie so recently, the studio sought several ways to retell this classic story of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man without sounding repetitive. And at this point, Sam Raimi and the writing team had a lot of support when they were given the mission to tell the origin of the hero, which Webb and his friends didn’t: the Ultimate Universe. At the time, Marvel ushered in an alternate universe that also recounted the first steps of its heroes, which influenced and was directly influenced by the films. Result: both the comics and the movies were very well accepted by the young audience.

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Ten years later, when The spectacular Spider Man hit theaters, Peter from the Ultimate Universe was about to die to make way for Miles Morales, which brought a new origin to the Spider. In other words, Marc Webb would not have the simultaneous support that Raimi had. So, to try not to sound repetitive, as the audience remembered Parker’s origin from the previous films, the creative team invested in mixing elements from the 616 Universe and others from the Ultimate Universe, which Raimi didn’t use, to try to bring something of new for that origin.

Escaping a little from the external factors that influenced the poor reception of the film by the fans, it is necessary to recognize how this need to distance itself from the previous trilogy brought about bad creative decisions. The main one is the whole core that involves “the secret origin of Spider-Man”, which revolves around Richard and Mary Parker.

This builds on a not-so-celebrated arc from the comics that showed Peter’s parents as CIA agents, leading the duo on a mission with the Wolverine. In the Ultimate universe, Peter’s parents were scientists who died in an aerial bombing. So the creative team mixed the two together and brought in Richard and Mary Parker as scientists involved in a secret mission, who supposedly died in a plane crash. However, before that, they had time to develop a genetic engineering work that developed spiders with modified DNA inspired by the genes of their own son. In other words, the film decided to turn Peter Parker into a “predestined”, since the spider bite only gave him powers because the animals were developed based on his genome.

This option takes away one of the biggest identifying factors of the hero which is: “Spider-Man could be anyone”. Any young man in the exhibit could have been bitten by the spider, but it’s the choices and responsibility that everyone can have that make him a hero.

On the other hand, Sony’s obsession with distancing itself from the previous trilogy brought very characteristic elements to this franchise, which ended up not being talked about as much, but which were actually very good, such as the first-person cameras. Due to the technology of the time, the scenes of Maguire’s Spider swinging around the city were more “cast”. With the improvement in CGI and with Sony’s great team of professionals in this sector, The spectacular Spider Man has some of the best hero web swing scenes around New York.

And as I said before, the first-person scenes were a gigantic hit. Although they already exist in the 70s movie, the ones in the 2012 movie are very organic, giving the audience the feeling that they are really jumping from building to building with Web Head. In the next movie, as bad as it is, these scenes got even better, allowing the hero to swing with the webs with all those typical comic book moves.

Another wonderful hit was the casting of Emma Stone to play Peter Parker’s love interest, Gwen Stacy. After mary jane more passive from the previous trilogy, always serving as the “Little Girl in Distress”, gave Gwen much more attitude, showing her as a young scientist with many dreams and a bright future (if Peter had held her, of course). At no time does she let herself down and always runs after what she wants.

With that, the character ends up being important even in the fight scenes, since she is the one who produces and takes the formula to stop the lizard. And her chemistry with Peter was the best thing about the franchise. Off-screen, Emma and Andrew began dating, forming a couple whose breakup stirs some fans to this day. In other words, the chemistry of the double seen on screen is 100% real. Forming a love interest with so much personality and relevance is not something you see in superhero movies, and The spectacular Spider Man does it masterfully.

About this chemistry, a lot also goes through the direction of Marc Webb, who arrived at the film accredited by his work in 500 days with her. By bringing that teen romance feel to the film, Webb encouraged that couple dynamic for them.

And since we’re talking about casting, there’s no way not to separate a topic exclusively to talk about Andrew Garfield, who is, for many, the best Spider-Man. Even though the film was not very well received, Garfield’s casting was unanimous. Fanatical about the character since childhood, Andrew revealed to the world that he would be the hero in San Diego Comic Conleaving the audience wearing a Aranha street vendor costume, creating one of the great historical moments of the event.

His love for the character overflows when he’s on screen. And it’s very interesting how well he embodies the teenager of the last decade, bringing the mixture of shyness with activities that are not so associated with the “excluded”, such as skateboarding, showing the contradiction of youth. Although this “Skateboarder Peter” thing was a reason for criticism, anyone who was a teenager at that time knows very well how the jokes were at school and how everything was a reason for teasing and teasing. And that ended up reflecting in Peter’s personality, allowing this more jokey side of the comic book hero to come naturally to the screens.

Anyway, he ended up receiving the negative energies that the franchise brought, especially for the second film, which is indefensible, even though he is always praised for his performance and delivery. So much so that when the saga was cancelled, he gave several interviews saying he was very hurt for not being able to honor his great hero. The bright side is that he was able to receive the affection of the fans again in 2021 and had his work recognized in the AranhaVerso of MCU.

If the hero was a positive highlight, the same cannot be said about the villain. all about the Lizard it was weak. His approach was not interesting, largely due to the very uninspiring idea of ​​Peter’s parents, as well as his look, which is not reminiscent of a lizard. At the time, concept art showed a reptilian look to the villain, but the final design opted for this more “humanoid” face, allowing more facial expressions for the antagonist.

But let’s face it, most of his scenes were in the dark or with fast movement. The audience paid attention to everything but the Lizard’s expressions. Perhaps a more animalistic look would have helped to give it a more menacing feel.

However, it was because of the Lagarto that we had one of the best scenes, if not the best, of the late Stan Lee in a Marvel Heroes movie. Your cameo as a janitor was so iconic, so striking, that he ended up becoming a regular character in the animated series that was released alongside the film.

Finally, the home-made uniform also suffered a lot of criticism at the time, but today it is already better received by fans. And it turns out that this costume sums up well what O is Amazing Spider Man. He tries to distance himself from the classic, but without losing the essence of the hero. That even having received excessive criticism, has its value and has marked the lives of many people. It may not be the best ever made, but that doesn’t mean it’s all this tragedy that some paint.

At the age of ten, The spectacular Spider Man it’s a portrayal of the youth of a different generation, which was well represented in a film that isn’t that spectacular, but that goes down in history as a well-appointed portrayal of Spider-Man from that particular generation. It tries to bring in new elements, gets a little lost along the way, flirts with science fiction, but ends up on a positive note due to its cast and the charisma of its characters.

The spectacular Spider Man is available at Netflixat the HBO Max and not Disney+.

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