The Amazing Spider-Man and 9 Other Movies So Bad Even Their Actors Hated Them

Some films can be so displeasing to audiences that they end up being a box office disaster, but others are criticized by their own actors.

Several stars like Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt and Michelle Pfeiffer and other great actors have already publicly regretted and lamented some disastrous movie roles. Remember below:

The spectacular Spider Man (2012)Sally Field

Sally Field as Aunt May in The Amazing Spider-Man (Reproduction)

The actress is known for playing Aunt May in the franchise. The spectacular Spider Manwith Andrew Garfield, but wasn’t the least bit happy with the result.

She thought Aunt May was barely a character and lacked depth.

Field said in an interview that she only accepted the role as a favor to her friend Laura Ziskin, who produced the films, but regretted it and only returned for the sequel because she had to.

Grease 2The Brilhantina Times Are Back (1982) – Michelle Pfeiffer

Despite Pfeiffer’s great successes, she doesn’t fondly remember her role in Grease 2.

In an interview with, she said that she “hated the movie with a vengeance because I couldn’t even believe how bad it was.”

The film is a sequel to the smash hit Grease – In the Times of Brilliantwhich was released in 1978, with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in the lead roles.

The plot takes place at Rydell High School several years after Danny and Sandie graduated and follows Stephanie Zinone, the new leader of the Pink Ladies.

Stop! Otherwise Mom Shoots (1992) – Sylvester Stallone

The film is more of a crime comedy that tells the story of a sergeant whose mother comes to comfort him after he ends a relationship. The problem is that she becomes more of a problem in his life than a help.

The movie was a real failure and the actor himself said that he is “truly horrible” and that just 15 minutes watching those scenes would be enough to make a murderer confess to all his crimes.
Intimate Enemy (1997) – Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt plays an Irishman who is a kind of undercover guy who intends to bring illegal funds to Dublin.

The actor revealed, in 1997, that the original script of the film was discarded and that the film had to be assembled all on the spot and therefore, “it turned out to be a disaster”.

Flying high (2003) – Gwyneth Paltrow

Donna Jensen (Paltrow) is a girl from a simple town who becomes a flight attendant and hopes to build a beautiful career.

However, with its bad editing and a not so well developed subject, the film became a bad joke and the actress herself complained, saying that she only acted in it because Harvey Weinstein, producer (who was even accused of sexual crimes ) convinced her to do so.

Slightly Pregnant (2007) – Katherine Heigl

In the plot, Heigl’s character becomes pregnant after one night. The baby’s father is an irresponsible slacker, played by Seth Rogan.

The film became a great success by showing the adaptations that the two had to make in their own lives for the arrival of the child.

The problem is that, 15 years later, the theme has not aged well and Heigl even commented in 2008 that he already knew this would happen.

She told Vanity Fair that she was upset by the way the plot “paints the women as shrews” while the men are portrayed as “lovely, goofy, and fun-loving.”

Cat Woman (2004) – Halle Berry

Despite all the anticipation surrounding the film, many considered it a huge disappointment.

Actress Halle Berry was very good in the role of the anti-heroine of the comics, but the actress herself considers this the only positive point.

The role was so poorly regarded that she was awarded Worst Actress at the Golden Raspberry Awards.

However, instead of complaining, she attended the awards to receive the trophy and even gave a humorous speech thanking Warner Bros. for putting her in a “shitty, horrible movie”.

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) – Channing Tatum

This movie was hated not only by the actor, but also by the entire production team. They went so far as to say that the final product was a forgettable waste.

“Look, I’ll be honest. I hate this movie. I was pushed to make this movie. They hired me to do three movies and, as a young actor, you’re like, ‘Wow! That sounds amazing!’ but it’s not the best of memories, clearly.”

High School Musical (2006) – Zac Efron

Zac Efron is Troy Bolton in High School Musical (Reproduction)

The film boosted the actor’s career, but he regrets to this day the impression it left, as he didn’t want to be remembered just as the ‘guy from High School Musical’.

In an interview with Men’s Fitness, he said he was a very different kind of person when he took on the role, but he wants to get rid of that image.

Therefore, he avoided being part of a series of events about the film.

Twilight (2008) – Robert Pattinson

Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in Twilight (Reproduction)

The film franchise never pleased actor Robert Pattinson, as he claimed not to be interested in history.

In 2011, he revealed to Vanity Fair: “It’s weird to be a part of this – sort of – representing something you don’t particularly like.”

Currently, the actor seems to feel more satisfied with other projects, such as Batmanfor example.

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