Vanessa Hudgens posts photo in front of ‘High School Musical’ school, stokes fans and followers speculate: “Wow, I would love…”


Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Starred in “High School Musical”

Vanessa Hudgens posted photo in front of East High Musical
© Reproduction/Instagram/@vanessahudgensVanessa Hudgens posted photo in front of East High Musical

Anyone who lived through the 2000s possibly watched the movies “High School Musical”. The musicals were successful in Brazil and to this day, fans expect a return of the story. at the launch of Disney Plusa streaming platform announced that the Wildcats would win a series. With the news, admirers of the work were honored.

But nothing worked as well as the announcement of Zac Efron. Recently, the actor reported that he is interested in a sequel and even posted a photo in front of the school where the films were recorded. This Saturday (23), the internet reacted again after Vanessa Hudgens post photo in front of the same location.

It turns out that fans suspect that both would have visited the place around the same time. That’s because the actors published the content with less than a month of waiting and the time on the artists’ clock was very similar. It is worth mentioning that Vanessa and Zac they were dating at the time of filming the films. “Wow, I would love it”, fired a follower in a post on the Instagram.

“Clear [que estaria interessado]. Serious. To have the opportunity, anyway, to come back and work with that team would be so wonderful. My heart is still there. That would be awesome. I hope it happens”, he said. It is worth mentioning that the series of “High School Musical” on Disney Plus was attended by Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Basset.

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