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Thiago Rodrigues [GOL] – Made a great save with a shot by Perroti in the first half. In addition, he showed confidence. Note: 6

Gabriel Dias [LAD] – He played well defensively while he was on the field and made a tackle. He left at 31 due to pain. Note: 5

Vasco vs Chapecoense: Alex Teixeira — Photo: André Durão

Quintero [ZAG] – In a game where Chape offered few dangers, at least they didn’t compromise. He was the one who hit the most passes (75) in the match. Note: 5

Anderson Conceição [ZAG] -Like his defender partner, he showed confidence when needed. He narrowly missed scoring his first goal for Vasco (the referee annulled the bid for offside). Note: 5

edimar [LAE] – He stuck to the defense, rarely appearing in the attack. Not much to say. Note: 5

Yuri Lara [VOL] – Landing requested in the tackles, since Chape had little the ball, tried to contribute in the departure of the ball and had a good performance. Note: 5.5

Best moments: Vasco 0 x 0 Chapecoense, for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão Serie B 2022

Best moments: Vasco 0 x 0 Chapecoense, for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão Serie B 2022

Andrey Santos [VOL] – Did not maintain the high level of performance of the last round and, like the rest of the team, had difficulty creating in front of Chape’s well-placed defense. He kicked weakly and in the middle of the goal in a good move by Pec. Note: 5.5

baby [MEI] – Made a very bad game and missed an incredible 17 passes. He was sent off at the end of the game. Note: 4

Figueiredo [ATA] – He technically made a low start, although he gave himself up and ran a lot. Note: 5

Gabriel Pec [ATA] – Made a good move in which Andrey finished badly. In addition, he gave little sequence to the plays in the attack and left booed. Note: 4.5

raniel [ATA] – Without the same mobility of previous games, he left the field in the second half without a big chance. Made a beautiful light curtain in Pec’s move. Reasonable departure. Note: 5

Leo Matos [LAD] – More offensively driven than usual, he entered the game off and missed some crosses. Note: 4.5

Alex Teixeira [ATA] – In his first game on his return to Vasco, he entered at the beginning of the second half, hit 12 passes and missed a great chance in a corner. Note: 5.5

Eguinaldo [ATA] – The young striker started very well in the match, gave Chape’s defense work, kicked on goal and suffered a possible penalty. Note: 6

palaces [MEI] – He started better than in the game against CRB and tried to organize the midfield in the face of lack of productivity. Note: 5.5

Marlon Gomes [MEI] – He put him in a rush in the second half and entered well once again. Note: 5.5

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