Vidal with ‘partidaço’ and Victor Hugo ‘craque’; see Flamengo’s notes

With the reserve team, Flamengo gave a football lesson and thrashed Atlético-GO 4-1 tonight (30), at Maracanã, for the 20th round of the Brasileirão. Rubro-Negro resolved the match in the first half, with goals from Lázaro, Marinho, Vidal (who scored his first for the club) and Victor Hugo, on a gala night. Wellington Rato cashed in at the end. It is the fourth victory in a row for Fla, which went to 33 points and entered the G-4 for the first time in the championship.

At Flamengo livetransmitted by UOL Esporte after the Mengão games, journalists Renato Maurício Prado and André Rocha praised the red-black attack in the first half at Maracanã. The pair filled the ball with young Victor Hugo, who scored a great goal, provided an assist and scored 10. “He was the star of the game”, praised RMP. He also highlighted Vidal’s dominance in the midfield: “He made a great game, gives the fans a lot of hope, shows a lot of race on the field”.

Check Flamengo’s notes


RMP: it was not to blame for the goal, otherwise it was not work – grade 7.

Rocha: there was no work because the defense didn’t let him, Dorival fixed Flamengo’s defense – note 6.5.


RMP: good performance – grade 7.

Rocha: good performance, safe behind and well in front – score 7.5.


RMP: entered and made the usual smoke – note 6.

Rocha: Rodinei is a bull, but he doesn’t think – score 5.5.

Fabricio Bruno

RMP: it was safe and there was no fault in the goal – score 7.5.

Rocha: well, safe in coverage, in direct confrontations – grade 7.5.


RMP: grade 7.5.

Rocha: he didn’t do anything silly on the ball out today, safe performance – grade 7.5.

Ayrton Lucas

RMP: he played well, safe in the marking, and gave a sensational assist – note 7.5.

Rocha: is trying to find himself, holds back a little, but he had the merit of the pass for Victor Hugo’s goal – note 7.


RMP: I didn’t see Diego on the field, which was great, Vidal took care of the midfield, Diego was tasteless and odorless – note 5.

Rocha: he did well and played further, it wasn’t the microwave dish that spins and doesn’t move – note 6.


RMP: made a good game, gives hope to the crowd, shows a lot of race on the field – note 9.

Rock: grade 9.5.

Thiago Maia

RMP: grew too much – note 8.

Rocha: started very well, race, will, physical preparation, gets in front of anyone, is flying and going over everyone – grade 7.

Victor Hugo

RMP: ace of the game – note 10

Rock: note 10.

Everton Ribeiro

RMP: entered well, gave a beautiful hat – grade 7.5.

Rocha: entered well and gave a beautiful hat – grade 7.5.


RMP: I liked Marinho a lot, he fought all the time, gave a cart, scored a goal and suffered a penalty – note 8.

Rocha: played well today, unbalanced the game, scored, suffered a penalty, suffered a foul that could have been sent off, played well – note 8.5.


RMP: entered very well – note 8.

Rocha: he didn’t have a chance to score, but he left Vitinho twice in front of the goal, and the first pass was pornographic – note 8.

Everton Chives

RMP: he still owes a lot to Cebolinha do Grêmio and the Brazilian team in the Copa América 2019, he has a lot more to give, he needs more rhythm and chemistry and people who play more with him on the left side – note 7.

Rock: note 7.


RMP: the first goal was important – note 7.5.

Rocha: scored the goal and gave a lot of movement, gave a lot of option to receive the balls, but lost two goals without excuse, good performance in general – note 7.


RMP: I can’t stand Vitinho anymore – grade 0.

Rocha: you will be happy in Greece, it is very beautiful – grade 0.

Dorival Junior

RMP: you’re doing an amazing job, even better than I expected, you can’t help but applaud – note 10.

Rocha: the reserves slaughtered the opponent, the team was well assembled and he is giving morale to the boys, his work so far is very good and he got a scorched earth – note 10.

The next edition of Flamengo live will be on Tuesday (2), right after the match against Corinthians, for Libertadores. You can follow the live on the Channel UOLin the Score app UOLon the Flamengo page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on YouTube.

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