WhatsApp flaw allows blocked contacts to see their status

WhatsApp is an application with multiple functions, such as voice calls, instant messages, text messages and sending PDF documents, in addition to the possibility of making free calls. However, even with all this technology, it is still not possible to guarantee total privacy to its users.

Keep reading and find out how a WhatsApp failure can allow blocked contacts to see your status.

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WhatsApp flaw bypasses app security

WhatsApp was launched in August 2009 and is currently the most used app on the planet. This is largely due to its multifunctionality, which meets almost all needs and the “security” that one imagines to have in this application.

Among the many functions in this application for Android and iOS users, there is the option to block contacts, guaranteeing privacy for the user, since it prevents the blocked contact from having access to their messages and status. However, a way to circumvent this block has been discovered, with WhatsApp GB, and there is still no solution to this flaw.

1. What is WhatsApp GB?

WhatsApp GB is an optimized version of the original WhatsApp platform, more precisely an unofficial pirate clone, created by unknown developers using the protocol of the real WhatsApp. And to be able to download this version, you need to have an account on the real app.

This pirated version has been gaining fans due to its constant novelties, especially the ability to access the status of those who blocked you. However, because you don’t know the origin of this app, it poses a risk to the security of your data, and the user who uses it can be banned by the real WhatsApp.

2. Differences between official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp

One of the main differences between the two apps is the high-end encryption. This tool is used to secure messages once a conversation is started. Messages are stored on your mobile, without sharing with advertisers, and you control your privacy using the settings offered by the app.

The unofficial pirated WhatsApp offers different features from the original version and cannot be downloaded from the Play Store, as the Google app store does not accept platforms that try to impersonate others.

This bug that is happening in the application, already disclosed on several news sites, so far remains without a statement from Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp.

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