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Kamala Khan’s story is just getting started in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), despite the first season of her series having come to an end. The Muslim-American girl who discovers superpowers, played by Iman Vellani, will return in ‘The Marvels’ next year, alongside Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris).

Additionally, the revelation that the theory that Kamala in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is actually a mutant suggests that she will have an even more important role to play in the franchise’s future.

Admittedly, the mutant reveal was kept a secret throughout the production of ‘Ms. Marvel’, as directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah told Entertainment Weekly. But when we spoke to head writer Bisha K. Ali about the season in general, she explained how Kamala’s special DNA fits into the story about family and heritage.

Ali said that the different parts of Kamala’s costume, coming from different friends and family, have been in the works for a long time, with several pieces of clothing given away by Kamala’s friends (for example, the mask came from Bruno Carrelli, while the red scarf came from Red Dagger).

The “lightning bolt” in the middle of the costume is a reference to the heroine’s broken pendant, as shown in Episode 5.

final episode of the series

Amidst Kamala’s new discovery, one of the final scenes of Episode 6 shows Kamala Khan talking to Bruno Carrelli, who says he has done further research with her genetic material. With that, he discovers that she has a kind of mutation.

When asked if she could talk about it, Ali replied: “Oh, literally nothing. Not because I don’t want to, or can’t. I literally don’t know.” But, right after the conversation with Bruno, some chords from the soundtrack of ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ play. Anyway, Ms. Is Marvel the MCU’s First Mutant? We cannot know, but the door has been opened.

The six episodes of ‘Ms. Marvel’ are now all available on Disney Plus.

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