Monthly Archives: July 2022

News! Instagram map identifies profiles near you

A novelty promises to shake social networks soon. The CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), Mark Zuckerberg, revealed the new map of the Instagram, which allows you to locate and identify social network profiles. You can filter by categories, such as hotels, stores, restaurants and supermarkets, for example. See too: Trick: …

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5 movies with costumes signed by renowned stylists

Whether in theaters, series, dance shows or movie screens, the costumes and characterizations of artists to play their roles is more than essential. This, both for the public that follows every minute of the production and comes to believe more vehemently in the stories that are being told by the …

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company’s digital wallet arrives in Brazil

You smartphones They have already become indispensable items in our daily lives, haven’t they? Because of this, technology giants are increasingly discovering how to use them in a practical way for simple things, such as paying for groceries, bar bills, etc. That’s why Apple innovated the technology when it launched …

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