4 Productions similar to Irma Vep that you might enjoy

Within modern cinema, it is difficult to find directors who can bring out great similarities with the classics, for example, The 400 Blows or My Night at Maud’s. Nonetheless, Oliver Assayas is one of them.

The director is able to develop productions that remind us of the classics, however, he does not see directors as idols, but rather mentions the weaknesses and weaknesses of modern cinema in general.

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The action, which boosted Assayas’ popularity in the 1990s, is Irma Vep, a miniseries that is proof that humanity can sink even deeper. But, in case you liked productions like this one, starring Alicia Vikander, we have a list that, maybe, you like. Check out:

1. Irma Vep (1996)

Even more advantageous than watching a remake, is checking out the original work. Given that, if you enjoyed watching the remake, you will enjoy the original Irma Vep.

The production stars Maggie Cheung, who has the role of a famous Chinese actress who goes to France to star in a work, but in the end, she ends up trapped in an unexpected scenario.

2. Carlos (2010)

The next production is called Carlos, a work that takes the viewer to the political period of the Cold War. The narrative is focused on a famous Venezuelan terrorist, the Jackal, by Edgar Ramirez, and his trajectory to become a fighter for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

3. Central Stage (1991)

Central Stage tells the story of Chinese silent film legend Ruan Lingyu (Cheung). Coming from a modest background, Ruan Lingyu begins to receive public recognition, however, unfortunately, she begins to face great difficulties in relation to the gossip spread in the tabloids, which hurts her in an overwhelming and merciless way.

4. Clouds of Sils Maria (2014)

It all starts when Maria (Juliette Binoche) ends up accepting a role in a play that puts her in the spotlight, but this time, she is not recognized for a role of a young woman, but a desperate older woman.

When she finally comes to terms with her age, she starts rehearsing with her personal assistant named Valentine (Kristen Stewart) and realizes that art and her life must go hand in hand.

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