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The month of August is starting on a Monday, and to start the week in high spirits, the Afternoon session today shows a film that mixes comedy, adventure and action in its plot: released in 2015, the feature pixelsseems to be the perfect choice for those looking for a light and relaxed program able to start the week in high spirits.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone; Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief), the title brings together in its cast great names from Hollywood, as Adam Sandler (Click; Wife of Lies) and Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones; The Hunger Games – The Song of Birds and Serpents). Check out some additional information about the film below:

Discover the plot of “Pixels”:

team of gamers joins forces to face extraterrestrial creatures (Image: Disclosure/Sony).

the plot of pixelstakes place in the near future when one of the main goals of humanity is discover traces of life beyond Earth. In one of the missions in this direction, some scientists send images and sounds about human culture to various satellites spread across the universe. Everything was going well until, one day, a sign of extraterrestrial life has been located.

Now one alien race completely different from humans create digital monsters inspired by classic video games – elements they have recently come into contact with. To defend the planet from these creatures, the institutions put together a team of experts in video games, who must use their knowledge to destroy the monsters that attack the planet.

Film Technical Data:

Original title: pixels
Cast: Peter Dinklage; Kevin James; Michelle Monaghan; Adam Sandler
Voice actors: Brenner: Alexandre Moreno / President Will Cooper: Mauro Ramos / Violet: Priscila Amorim / Eddie: Hércules Franco / Ludlow Lamonsoff: Philippe Maia / Matty Van Patten: Arthur Salerno
Direction: Chris Columbus
Nationality: American
Genre: comedy

Watch the trailer for “Pixels”:

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You intend on the adventure comedy movie pixelsat Afternoon session this monday? What do you expect for this week’s programming on the channel? Share your opinions with us on social networks, and to stay on top of all the titles that air on the channel, stay tuned here and on the official pages of About Sagas!

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