Amber Heard must sell desert mansion to pay Johnny Depp $8 million fine – 01/08/2022

01/08/2022 | 11:11

Looks like Amber Heard’s headache isn’t over yet. The actress was ordered to pay ten million and 35 thousand dollars, just over 58 million reais, to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, after the defamation trial they faced in early 2022. The amount has changed because the actor also had to pay about two million dollars to the ex.

According to the Daily Mail, the Aquaman star didn’t have the money to pay the fine, so he had to sell his California desert home, which he would have bought in 2019. The Yucca Valley mansion was traded for little more. million dollars and the money will be used to pay the million dollar fine.

The information came to the public after court documents were revealed. The texts show that Amber refused an offer of 16 million dollars, about 82 million reais, made by Johnny Depp’s lawyers at the time of the ex-couple’s divorce in 2016. The Daily Mail also revealed that the value was referring to half of the salary received by the actor for participating in Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge.

Heard would have told the lawyers that it was not a question of money, the conversations took place through emails, but the judge did not accept them as evidence during the trial that ended in June 2022. The actress would have prohibited her lawyers from going after them. money, as she wanted to be true to the world and its true intentions.


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