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Best moments: Vasco 0 x 0 Chapecoense, for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão Serie B 2022

Best moments: Vasco 0 x 0 Chapecoense, for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão Serie B 2022

Despite this fact, Vasco was also largely to blame for the frustrating draw in São Januário, in the match that marked Alex Teixeira’s return to the team – he entered the second half, participated in good plays, but still needs to gain pace match. The team led by Emílio Faro didn’t bother the opponent and suffered again with the difficulty of creation, a tonic of the entire season.

By not attacking the lines and pushing them back, Vasco allowed Chape to park a bus in front of the defense. He left Marcelo Cabo’s team comfortable even to get ready in front: if it weren’t for a great defense by Thiago Rodrigues, Perroti would have opened the scoring in the first half.

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Andrey, from Vasco, in action against Chapecoense — Photo: André Durão / ge

Vasco’s best moment in the game was from the 30th of the second half onwards, when the team managed to rehearse a pressure. In the 70 minutes (plus stoppage time) before that, the only good chances had come in two shots by Andrey saved by goalkeeper Saulo and a shot by Raniel wide. Very little for those who fight for access.

The good news is that this Sunday a marathon run by Vasco in the last two weeks came to an end – which may justify the fatigue of some players against Chape. There were five games in that period. Now the next one, against Ponte Preta, is only eight days away: on Tuesday of the next week, in Campinas. The players take their time off this Monday and Tuesday and will show up again on Wednesday, at CT Moacyr Barbosa.

Sleepy game, gas at the end

Vasco this Sunday did not have “Napolitana” to open the score at the beginning of the game and bring the dynamics of the game in their favor. Against CRB, in the last round, the goal in a rehearsed corner kick was fundamental for the construction of the rout. Against Chape, the reality is that the first shot towards the goal came only in the 18th minute.

"Anticlimax", criticizes João Almirante |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Anticlimax”, criticizes João Almirante | The Voice of the Crowd

And it was a move built by leaps and bounds: Figueiredo fumbled with the ball, luckily it was left in Nenê, who got a touch for Pec, who in turn dominated a little in the scare. Andrey appeared well in the area, but the weak left-handed kick stopped in the hands of goalkeeper Saulo.

That was the dynamic of the entire first half. Gabriel Pec and Figueiredo played a game below technically and could not give breadth to the Vasco attack. Nenê exaggerated in the wrong passes (17!), and Andrey appeared little because Chape’s lines were very low. Chapecó’s team delivered the ball to Vasco, who has tremendous difficulty breaking through minimally organized defenses.

With Vasco’s inability to attack the opponent and the crowd’s anxiety to see the new reinforcement on the field, right after the break, the shouts of “Alex Teixeira” already took over the stands. He came on at 15 in the place of Figueiredo – at the press conference, Emílio Faro explained that the plan was really for him to play just over 30 minutes.

Alex Teixeira, from Vasco, in action against Chapecoense — Photo: André Durão / ge

At 32 years old, Alex still needs to pick up the pace of play, that’s clear. His last game for Besiktas had been on May 21, when he came on with 10 minutes left. Before that, he had only played for 19 minutes in the victory over Kayserispor, on May 1st. That said, the attacking midfielder performed well in São Januário and was one of those responsible for the team’s improvement in the final stretch.

Alex Teixeira had two scoring chances. In the first, at 37, he didn’t expect the ball to be left for him at the second post after the corner kick and he headed weakly out. At 48, after a good table with Marlon Gomes, he kicked the net from the outside.

Among the substitutions, however, Eguinaldo was the one who entered the match better. The 17-year-old striker came off the bench along with Alex and gave Chape’s defense work. He took a shot on goal and featured the most controversial play of the match, when he was brought down inside the area at 31. The referee was not even invited to review the bid in VAR.

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