Balenciaga launches ‘garbage bag’ bag for 9 thousand reais

The garbage bag-like bag comes in a variety of colors.

In its more than 100 years as a company, the Spanish fashion house, Balenciaga, has caused a lot of buzz and scandal, though some of its more recent releases have the internet questioning whether the brand is running a social experiment or simply trolling people. If you haven’t heard of it, the famous company started selling “garbage bags” for around R$ 9 thousand reais, which are similar to the plastic bags you put in your trash.

The product comes in three different colors – black with black string, blue with black string or white with red string – and it is already surprising many people. When asked about the controversial product, it was reported that the designer, Demna Gvasalia explained, “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make the world’s most expensive trash bag, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?”

The Garbage Bag-inspired bag Q costs R$15,000
Photo: reproduction

On Twitter, a lot of conversations are taking place about the garbage bag. Of course, there are critics writing things like, “Luxury fashion is cool stealing. High fashion is a joke at this point. Balenciaga made a ‘garbage bag’ bag for $1,700.”

While the hate has come out loud and clear on social media, there are a number of users expressing their love for the product, even jokingly asking their followers to send money to buy one for their own collection.

In related news, A New York Times report on July 25th, exploring the “chaotic” creation that came from Ye and Demna’s minds after product launches at Gap’s physical stores this month across the US. According to the designer, the work of the Balenciaga in the impressive collab “is over”, though that doesn’t mean we won’t see additional releases in the coming months.

Check out images of the bags below, and the reactions on twitter and YouTube:

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