Damaged by the arbitration, ABC manages to bring the tie against Vitória, in Barradão – 07/31/2022 – News

ABC was harmed by the arbitration, but managed to react and bring a positive result from the confrontation against Vitória, in Barradão. The tie by 2 to 2, took the potiguar team to 28 points, which for some members of the technical commission, are enough to guarantee the club in the second phase. Although mathematicians point out that only clubs that hit the 30-point mark are safe. Tréllez scored both goals for the hosts, while Fábio Lima and Erick Varão scored for the potiguares.


With a good audience at the Barradão stadium, Vitória entered the field to face ABC in a match that had a decisive character for the Bahians, which today will have the power to define whether they continue in the fight for a spot in the G-8 or if they will fight just to stay in next year’s Serie C.

Fernando Marchiori chose to start the match leaving Wallyson as an option on the bench, setting up the attack with Matheus Rocha and Wesley Pionteck playing alongside Henan.

The Rubro-Negro pressure started as soon as the ball rolled, ABC couldn’t hold the opponent’s momentum and in five minutes, Vitória opened the scoring with a goal from Tréllez, who scored his second goal in 16 games for the Bahian team. He took good advantage of a cross from the left by Lazaroni, went up free, and sent the ball into the right corner of goalkeeper Pedro Paulo.

The potiguar team reacted quickly and the first time they managed to plot a good move, at ten minutes, Varão took off a beautiful pass for Fábio Lima to appear free in the area, behind the defenders, in front of the goal, just deflected the ball from goalkeeper Dalton , to leave everything equal on the scoreboard, 1 to 1.

After the tie, ABC managed to better fit the marking, making it difficult for the opponent to enter the alvinegra area. This forced Leão to seek the attack on the launch pad, which were not done with precision and with that, the cadence of the game, the Natal team almost turned the game around, in a ball deflected by Wesley Pionteck, which the goalkeeper, well placed, managed to defend.

But the referee, Paulo Henrique Schleich (MS), tried to complicate the alvinegra life by scoring a penalty by Pedro Paulo, in a clash between the goalkeeper and Alan Pedro, from Vitória. In a play in which the red-black athlete still raised his foot to try to deflect the ball. The bid provoked many protests on the part of potiguares. As there is no VAR in Serie B, it was the referee’s decision, Tréllez took the penalty and converted in the 34th minute.

The marking that favored the hosts, heated up once and for all the atmosphere of the game at Barradão. Everything became a reason for a strong complaint against the arbitration, which also suspended some athletes from Rio Grande do Norte with yellow cards.

Forced to redo the game plan, Fernando Marchiori’s men abused the crosses in the area in search of Henan, who sometimes took advantage and other times saw only the ball pass over his head. And so the match dragged on to the end of the stage.

Wallyson was the new ABC player for the second half, replacing Wesley Pionteck. The novelty is that Frasqueira’s idol came in with the number 31 shirt. In five minutes, the striker hit the entrance to the area and hit the Bahia club’s crossbar. Then he took a corner, put the ball on Varão’s head, who couldn’t give the ball the right direction.

Acting with the advanced lines, the potiguars sought a new equality and commanded the actions within the four lines. Until 10 minutes in, Varão scored a great goal, hitting a shot from outside the area to make it 2 to 2. Two minutes later, Varão missed a good opportunity to turn the score around, after he badly dominated a ball raised in the Bahia area, and concluded weak for the goalkeeper’s defense. At 29, with cramps, he left the field for the entry of Guilherme Nunes.

The Bahian team lost offensive strength and only came back with danger in the abecedista goal from the 39th, when Allan Santos deflected a ball that scared the abecedist goalkeeper. In the corner kick, generated by the first move, Pedro Paulo saved Pedro Paulo’s head, then also caught another good header from Dinei.

The hosts launched themselves ahead behind the three points, ABC resisted, pushing away the danger, but the attackers could not hold the ball in the offensive sector, which made the ball go around with some frequency in front of the abecedist goalkeeper. But the defense managed to impose itself and hold the good result for Alvinegro in Barradão.

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