Delegate confirms brain death of Paraná Clube cheerleading president

The president of the Organizada Fúria Independente (TFI) fans, Mauro Machado Urbim, was brain dead this Monday (1st), in Curitiba. According to reports, he was trampled by a Military Police horse on Saturday, in Vila Capanema, during a game between Paraná Clube against FC Cascavel.

The information on brain death was released by Podcast Sul this Monday (click here to watch), in an interview with delegate Luiz Carlos de Oliveira, from Demafe (Mobile Police Service for Football and Events).

Brain death, which is the legal definition of death, is the complete and irreversible cessation of all brain functions. The devices that keep the cheerleader alive will be turned off this Monday afternoon to see if there is any reaction. Urbim has been hospitalized in a very serious condition since Saturday in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Hospital do Trabalhador, in Curitiba.

Contact by phone with the Well Paraná, delegate Luiz Carlos de Oliveira explained the situation. “We received from a fan, the vice of Fury, the information that brain death was confirmed. They will do one more exam this afternoon and another at night to confirm. He is still alive. Let’s hope he recovers. But when brain death is confirmed, it is because the situation is very difficult”, he declared, regretting what happened. “Mauro participates with us a lot, he was always extremely representative and a friend of the police,” he said.

About the episode on Saturday, Oliveira said that he watched the game in the visiting sector of Vila Capanema. “I got the news on Saturday, well after the game. It was at halftime, we were in the opposing crowd, we watched the game from there in about five police officers and there was nothing there. FC Cascavel fans say there was nothing, I don’t know what happened,” he commented. “They said there was fake news that the people from Império, who are allied with the FC Cascavel fans, wanted to steal a banner. They [torcedores da Fúria Independente] came and the cavalry interfered. The Fury president was at the front, with his hand raised, and ended up hitting the curb, fell and the horse stomped on his head. I will listen to the witnesses, so that we know what really happened,” he warned.

TFI released a statement on Monday stating that Mauro is alive. See below:

In a text on Instagram, on Sunday (31st), Fúria Independente accused the Mounted Police Regiment of the Military Police of Paraná of ​​acting in a truculent and cowardly way. “Yesterday’s date, unfortunately, was also marked by the violence and unpreparedness of the Military Police. Without any need, in a truculent and COWARD way, the Military Police, with its Mounted Police Regiment, trampled our president Mauro Machado Urbim, who is hospitalized in a very serious condition. There was never any confusion. In other words, NOTHING justifies the violent and criminal action of the Military Police. In addition, nothing would justify running over with a HORSE and trampling on the head of any citizen”, says the text.

In a statement, the Military Police announced that they will investigate the case and explained what happened. “This Saturday, 07/30, at halftime between Paraná Clube and Cascavel, there was an attempt to invade the place reserved for visitors, by approximately 80 fans of the Fúria Independente organized crowd, requiring the immediate intervention of the Mounted Police Regiment. . The teams performed line formation to prevent the passage of these fans, guiding them to return, however, insisting on the invasion attempt, they became hostile. Aiming to maintain order and mainly to preserve the integrity of Cascavel fans, the teams progressed in the attempt to persuade the retreat, which returned to the interior of the Stadium. After repelling the action, the police found two fallen fans, in which one of them immediately got up and the other remained unconscious. Emergency first aid was immediately provided, and the Fire Department was called, which promptly continued the service and sent the injured person to the Hospital do Trabalhador. “An Inquiry will be set up by the Corporation to investigate what happened, bringing to light other information and subsidies that will give rise to possible pertinent measures”, added the text of the Military Police.

The organized fans of FC Cascavel also published a note about what happened. See below:

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