Gagliasso and Ewbank: remember cases of racism with celebrities – 01/08/2022 – Illustrated

The case of racial prejudice suffered by the children of the actor couple Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank, Titi and Bless, on a beach in Portugal, last Saturday (30), reignited discussions about structural racism and the role of white people in fighting it. it, present all over the world.

After Ewbank’s reaction went viral on the networks and the actress received the support of other famous names, the case took on the proportions of public discussion and even led presenter Astrid Fontenelle to recall the case of racism that her 14-year-old son, Gabriel, suffered in a restaurant in the city of Cairu, in the south of Bahia.

In participation in the program “Encontro”, presented by Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares, Fontenelle said that her son was mistaken for an employee of the hotel where the family was on vacation. The presenter then said that she scolded the woman and expelled her from the space.

“I gave a severe scolding. She kept repeating: ‘You’re a mimimi, you’re saying that because you’re famous’. When I realized Gabriel was sprawled still. Then I thought: ‘it’s time to stop’. Then I sent she left the place where we were: ‘Get out of here, get out!'”, he recalled.

Other artists have also shared cases of racism involving their children and how they dealt with the situations, as well as talking about ways to address prejudice at home to prepare them to face the world. Remember some cases:

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