Gustavo Valadão and Luciana on vacation in the United States

In Chicago, enjoying the holiday season, surgeon Gustavo Valadão and Luciana say they are delighted with the modernity and beauty of the North American city
In Chicago, enjoying the holiday season, surgeon Gustavo Valadão and Luciana say they are delighted with the modernity and beauty of the North American city

don’t fight for them

The peculiar conditions of this election – polarized since the start between a candidate who demoralizes the electoral system itself and another who spent 580 days in jail for corruption – and the jumpy nerves on social networks produce electricity in the air that drives friends away, sinks relationships and separates families.

Walter Rodrigues, a journalist from Pará who worked in the Maranhão press and for whom I had no sympathy, used to warn: Don’t fight for them!

And the political columnist had his reasons there.

Don’t fight for them…2

No election and no candidacy are worth a shattered family.

Before you fight, think about the following. Remember that staunch opponent of Lula’s that a few years ago was the target of fierce attacks from the left? Know that he is Lula’s deputy today. And do you remember Collor, Valdemar Costa Neto (the one arrested and convicted in the monthly allowance), in addition to that whole story of “if you scream, get centrão, there won’t be one, my brother” that rocked the current president’s campaign?

Bolsonaro is embracing them now.

Don’t fight for them…3

In all corners of Brazil, sincere hearts fight for their candidates, as they take the stage for yet another electoral theater in which the current enemy becomes the ally of tomorrow.

This is politics, and it’s not bad that it is, because it demonstrates that good and evil are not absolute or definitive concepts in anything, least of all in politics.

So, before blasting that cousin and blocking the family group, take a deep breath and think that only you will suffer from the division. They, the candidates, will always find a way to get right up front with today’s furious adversaries.

In the always pleasant and busy night of the Grand Cru bistro, Maurício Pinheiro and Carol with friends Ednei Viégas Reis and Lindalva, Jean Farias and Milena
In the always pleasant and busy night of the Grand Cru bistro, Maurício Pinheiro and Carol with friends Ednei Viégas Reis and Lindalva, Jean Farias and Milena

Tribute to the “Cinema Villains”

Two creations by his brand Gritacuxá, by Glauber Pinto from Maranhão, will be part of the exhibition “Vilãs do Cinema”, which will be open to the public from tomorrow, throughout August, at the Floriano Teixeira gallery, at the Artistic and Historical Museum of Maranhao.

At the invitation of the event’s creator, professor and fashion producer Cacau Di Aquino, the designer’s brand will be present at the exhibition with pieces that will make reference to Cruella DeVil, villain of North American film productions inspired by Dodie’s 1956 children’s novel. Smith, The Hundred and One Dalmatians, who has been played by Hollywood actress Glenn Close and, in her latest version, “fashionistically” personified by the talented Emma Stone.

In its proposals, the brand brings a creation signed by Glauber and another by his assistant, Heleno Silva, with the collaboration of Ateliê Pimentinha, one of the partnerships in the works in which crochet is used.

The plays will be presented by theater actress Rosa Everton and digital influencer Lenny Giffoni.

time for cobalt blue

Blue is always popular, but shades vary from season to season. The Fall/Winter 2022 collections from the Northern Hemisphere, such as Stella McCartney and Off White, chose cobalt blue as the choice of the time.

Halfway between the timeless jeans and navy, the tone brings a little emotion, without losing the sophisticated air inherent to the card.


Subsidies for voters

We are approaching the 16th of August, the official start of the 2022 electoral campaign, a period in which candidates for President of the Republic, Governor, Senator and Federal and State Deputy will ask for a vote in radio and TV advertising, on social networks. and in the melee of the streets.

Our priority in this rostrum is to bring content to the public that will serve as a subsidy for choosing candidates on October 2 (date of the election in the first round).

Subsidies for voters…2

We defend that radio and television stations work exclusively to: detail and analyze government plans; show the feasibility of promises; interview candidates for governor, vice governor and senator to find out what they think about Maranhão’s main problems and how they intend to solve them; check competitors’ statements to see if they are valid; value the debate between candidates, based on topics that directly or indirectly affect the lives of citizens; analyze central problems of the State and the country (education, health, security, employment, economic development) and point out ways to solve them based on successful examples; fight disinformation (fake news).

It would certainly be a way of contributing for the coming months so that the elections in the state and in the country can be transformed into a broad debate of proposals and visions.

uneven campaign

If candidates for federal deputy were already complaining about the difficulty in running against those in office, because they receive the largest share of the electoral fund, they will have more reason to be indignant at the figures on parliamentary spending since the beginning of the current mandate.

In Maranhão alone, there are almost R$20 million in total. On average, more than R$1 million each, with honorable exceptions. And where was all that money spent? With airline tickets, car rentals, fuel and… advertising or “publication of the mandate”.

Unequal campaign…2

This is what makes the competition more unfair. Airfare expenses are justified. After all, Brasília has votes once or twice a week and deputies from all over Brazil live on the airlift, because they cannot leave the base.

But the absurdity used in the disclosure of the mandate shows that the campaign is permanent, although the law establishes that it starts on August 16th.

In a social meeting at Casa Kazar, Repórter PH with Cybelle Lauande and Marisa Consalter
In a social meeting at Casa Kazar, Repórter PH with Cybelle Lauande and Marisa Consalter

Maranhao and solar energy

About 3,000 people from Maranhão already have solar energy in their homes, reducing the value of their electricity bill.

Maranhão is one of the states with the highest solar irradiation in Brazil and also has a very expensive electricity tariff, a fact that increases the attractiveness of investments in solar energy.

According to ANEEL, Maranhão, compared to the rest of Brazil, still has a long way to go in the diffusion of photovoltaic energy in the state.

The comparison used to evaluate the market size takes into account the density of generators versus the total number of consumers. In this regard, Maranhão has just over 160 solar energy systems for every 100,000 energy consumers, a representation of only 0 .1% of the total market.

marriage and friendship

I echo the gaucho poet and chronicler Carpinejar when he says that he is not surprised by the couple who want to wait to have sex only after marriage. He is no aberration, no anachronism for him.

Strangely enough – and I agree with him – it is a marriage without friendship, without intimacy, without complicity, without a long exchange of ideas, without exchange of projects, without confidence of experiences, without common moral values.

Marriage without friendship is more dangerous than marriage without sex before.

Marriage and friendship…2

Friendship is the basis of love. From there, we achieve admiration and trust. It is the first step in any relationship. Mistakes will come if you try to skip this basic, primal level.

Mere physical attraction and the momentary satisfaction of the flesh are links too shallow, too superficial to live together.

To make a commitment taking into account minutes of pleasure is to belittle the immense remaining time you will be in the company of the other.

Marriage without friendship – concludes Carpinejar – is to call a stranger into your existence.

To write on stone:

“Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about the things that matter.” From Martin Luther King.


Many people in São Luís confused the deputy governor of Brasília, Paco Britto, with the doctor Drauzio Varella, such is the physical similarity of the two. Already used to the fact, Paco is amused by the confusion he causes wherever he goes.

Neguinho da Beija-Flor insisted that, before returning to Rio de Janeiro, he called Lenita Lago Bello to remember with tenderness that it was she who first promoted his show in São Luís.

Speaking of Lenita, Saturday she was seen catching up with Marilete Viégas, Ana Luiza Bacelar and Eliane Duailibe at lunch at the always pleasant and popular Ferreiro Praia restaurant, in Lagoa.

In the late 1990s I met the Portuguese singer Antonio Zambujo during a voice and guitar show he was doing at a tango house in Lisbon. A fraternal friendship was born between us. So much so that on two occasions I tried to bring him to do shows in São Luís, but it didn’t work out due to the artist’s schedule problems.

Now, Zambujo is touring Brazil, based on the artist’s ninth album, titled António Zambujo Voz e Violão. According to Zambujo, the name is a direct tribute to João Voz e Violão, by bossa nova icon João Gilberto, released in 1999 and classified by the Portuguese singer as “one of his life records”.

Despite the tribute, the artist is not limited to Brazilian rhythms in the new work, taking the opportunity to combine elements of bossa nova with traditional Portuguese music. The result has a unique personality, capable of breaking down borders, real or imaginary, bringing the two sides of the Atlantic closer together.

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