How to apologize properly in a romantic relationship?

We are human and we are subject to error in any situation. Therefore, it is very important to know how to show repentance and a willingness to learn from failures. In a romantic relationship, it is nothing different, but it is rather challenging to know the right way to apologize to the person you love.

However, knowing how to apologize is essential to getting forgiveness in a relationship, after all, to regain peace it is necessary to recognize mistakes and show that they will not be repeated.

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How to Properly Apologize in a Love Relationship

Trust is one of the main pillars in romantic relationships. Allied to this, it is common that expectations are created regarding the behavior of the other. When these expectations are broken, especially when there is some kind of betrayal, the relationship may never be the same, which is why it is so important to know how to apologize.

The correct way to apologize has even become the subject of a scientific study conducted by researchers at the University of Ohio, in the United States. The work was published in 2016 and the authors found that more elaborate apologies were significantly more effective.

admit the mistake

The first step towards the perfect apology is admitting the mistake, after all, remembering the music by Chitãozinho and Xororó, it’s no use keeping up appearances and disguising the evidence, right? So, for starters, acknowledge your fault, know (and make it very clear) why you’re apologizing.

Talk less and act more

Talking is important, recognizing the mistake and showing regret are essential attitudes to regain someone’s trust. However, it is on a day-to-day basis that you will put your excuses into practice, show that you have really changed and that you will not repeat the mistake. So talk less and act more!

Take it easy

The person may take a longer or shorter time to forgive you, it all depends on how they deal with a breach of trust and also how serious their mistake was. So don’t rush, don’t want instant forgiveness, and don’t apologize excessively either. Let the person take as much time as necessary to digest the situation.

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