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Clone Instagram is a possibility on smartphones with Android system. Using native tools or third-party applications, the feature allows you to duplicate the social network on a single device.

Duplicating the Instagram app can be useful if you have more than one Instagram account and need to use two separate profiles on the same phone without switching between them. Next, learn how to clone Instagram through an app twin.

How to clone Instagram

Just as it is possible to clone WhatsApp, clone Instagram is a technique to open two instances of the same application, each functioning independently. Samsung, for example, has Dual Messenger; Xiaomi, in turn, Dual Apps. Asian companies such as Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and Asus also offer the function.

That’s why the option to duplicate the same app is valid for any platform that supports the feature, as long as the manufacturer has released this functionality. In the case of Samsung, Instagram does not appear in the list of apps that can be cloned. Therefore, you will need to have a Xiaomi smartphone or resort to third-party apps on the Google Play Store.

How to Clone Instagram in Dual Apps (Xiaomi)

First, download the official Instagram app on your Xiaomi mobile. Then follow the tutorial:

  1. Open the “Settings” app;
  2. Tap “Apps” and then “Dual apps”;
  3. Tap “Instagram” and enable the “Dual apps” switch to duplicate the app;
  4. Confirm on “Activate”;
  5. Open the duplicate Instagram app (it’s the one with a yellow mark in the left corner of the app icon);
  6. Log in to the second Instagram account.
How to clone Instagram using Xiaomi’s Dual Apps (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

How to clone Instagram with third-party apps

If you don’t have a Xiaomi smartphone and want to clone Instagram on your phone, there is the alternative of downloading parallel apps from the Play Store. As a suggestion, the ones with the best rating on the Android app store are 2Accounts and Parallel Space.

Unlike Xiaomi’s Dual Apps, these apps do not create a duplicate icon of the same app on the mobile interface. Instead, you need to keep one of the apps open to be able to use the cloned version of Instagram.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that both 2Accounts and Parallel Space require you to release permissions to use location, microphone and other data. Therefore, it is at your own risk to install the tools on your cell phone.

To clone Instagram on Android:

  1. install the 2Accounts or the Parallel Space through the Play Store;
  2. Release usage permissions. This authorization is at your own risk;
  3. On the home screen, tap “Start”;
  4. You will see a list of apps that support cloning. Tap the Instagram icon;
  5. Select “Add to Parallel Space/2Accounts”;
  6. An Instagram button will be added. Tap on it to log into the secondary account.
2Accounts (left) and Parallel Space (right) are apps to clone Instagram on Android (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho)

Now, every time you want to use a secondary Instagram account, just open 2Accounts or Parallel Space and go to the second profile.

Is Cloning Instagram Illegal?

Remember that we have listed two alternatives using official methods — Dual Apps, by Xiaomi, and applications registered in the Google Play Store. Any other practice that escapes these options, then yes, it can be considered an illegal activity.

It is also important to note that cloning Instagram, or any other application, is not about creating a spy tool to snoop on someone else’s account. The tip involves only duplicating an app on the same smartphone, without violating sensitive data.

Is there a way to clone Instagram on iPhone?

Not. Apple does not have a native tool for duplicating apps on the iPhone, nor does it offer third-party options in the App Store. If you see an alternative promising to clone Instagram or other apps, it is recommended not to install the utility on your phone.

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