How to recover hacked Instagram account

The number of virtual scams has clearly grown, as shown by data from Serasa Experian: there were more than 4 million fraud attempts in 2021, in Brazil alone. Also according to a study conducted by Kaspersky, one in five people click on links from phishing. This type of maneuver is the main one used to steal personal data from users, including access to social networks such as Instagram.

In this case, criminals take advantage of personal accounts to apply the “Pix Scam”, where they publish products for sale on the hacked profile and deceive followers and relatives of the victim, using their identity and credibility. Products with “bazaar price” are the perfect tool to collect payments by Pix or bank slip — always with an air of urgency.

Once the scammers take over the profile, they can change the password or even the email, making it difficult for the victim to recover. However, there are still ways to get your account back and the TecMundo separate a tutorial to help you in this process.

Check out how to recover a hacked Instagram account below;

Criminals take advantage of accounts to apply the “Pix scam” (Source: Freepik / Reproduction)Criminals take advantage of accounts to apply the “Pix scam” (Source: Freepik / Reproduction)Source: Freepik

How to recover hacked Instagram account

Recovery may require up to 3 steps depending on the changed data. Check out how to proceed, below;

1) Checking the email

1. Enter your registered email on Instagram and look for any message from the sender;

two. Identify if there is any message informing if the email address has been changed;

3. If so, just open the message and select the option “revert this change” in the text of the email.

If other data have been changed, such as password, and Unable to revert via emailyou will need to request an Instagram login link or verification code.

2) Has the email been changed? Try the login link

To request a login link, follow the steps below:

1. On the Instagram login screen, select the option “Get help signing in” (Android) or “Forgot password?” (iOS);

two. Enter the username, email address or phone number linked to your account and click “Next”;

3. Select your email address or phone number and tap “Next”;

4. You will receive an access link in your email or SMS. Follow the instructions in the link;

Note: If the user does not have access to their current username, email address or phone number, they will need to enter the most recent information they have access to. Select “Can’t reset your password?” and then on “Next”. Again, follow the onscreen instructions.

3) Instagram security code or support

If you were unable to recover your password through the access link, you can request Instagram support.

1. On the login screen, tap “Get help signing in” (Android) or “Need more help?” (iOS);

two. Enter the data associated with your account and click on “Need more help?”;

3. Select the account you’re having trouble signing in and follow the onscreen instructions;

4. Choose between email or phone number to receive the security code;

5. If you do not have access to the email or phone number, select “I cannot access this email or phone number” and follow the instructions;

After contacting Instagram, the social network will use means that go beyond simple email or cell phone verification to recover the account, which can be useful in cases where scammers have changed profile information. One of the validations made uses facial recognition, which compares a video sent by the account owner and images present in the profile.

More details are available on the Instagram help site.

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