In the face of indifference from pedestrians, a Nigerian man is beaten to death in a street in Italy | World

A crime against a Nigerian street vendor in Italy has shocked the country and the world. On Saturday, 39-year-old Alika Ogorchukwu was killed by an Italian harassed by Ogorchukwu’s begging.

The case took place on Saturday (30) in the middle of a street in Civitanova Marche, on the northeast coast of Italy, and also drew attention, in addition to racism, for the pedestrian indifferencewho watched the attack, lasting about four minutes, without intervening.

Nigerian seller beaten to death in Italy

Nigerian seller beaten to death in Italy

In addition to racism, migrant organizations denounced that many people still recorded the episode, instead of trying to stop the aggression.

Men protest in a street where a Nigerian vendor was killed after being attacked by an Italian, July 13, 2022. — Photo: Chiara Gabrielli/ Associated Press

The attacker is Italian Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo, 32 years old. He was detained and, this Monday (1st), the Italian police will decide if he will remain in prison while he responds to the process. Also on Monday, investigators will perform an autopsy on the body to determine the exact cause of death. Suspected suffocation and trauma.

According to police, Ferlazzo advanced into Ogorchukwu, which sold tissues and lighters, after being irritated by the Nigerian’s constant requests for alms. The attacker was accompanied by the woman. His lawyer claimed he became angry after Ogorchukwu made comments about his wife.

A woman lays flowers at a spot on a street in Civitanova Marché, Italy, where Nigerian vendor Alika Ogorchukwu was beaten to death, July 31, 2022. — Photo: Associated Press

The tragic fact is there were too many people around. They filmed, said ‘stop’ but no one moved to stop the fight”, denounced the president of the local migrant association, Daniel Amenaza.

The country’s newspapers also criticized, in addition to the crime, the indifference of pedestrians. “A horror of four minutes”, wrote the “Corriere della Sera”. On the internet, images show the aggression and passivity of pedestrians, who continue walking on the street.

Married with two children, Ogorchukwu sold small items on the city’s streets after losing a formal job as a result of a car accident, according to Amenaza.

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