Itacoatiara has a historic Sunday with waves up to 3 meters | surfing

Itacoatiara Beach, in Niterói-RJ, was the stage, this Sunday, of the second window of the Itacoatiara Big Waves, one of the main giant wave events in the country. This time, the athletes surfed at the well-known Laje do Shock (behind Pedra do Pampo Club) with waves estimated at between 2.5 and 3 meters. Famous surfers like Lucas Chumbo, Katie McConnell (USA) and Gabriel Sampaio were present at the event.

Lucas Chumbo surfs in Itacoatiara — Photo: Matheus Couto/Disclosure

– It was a dream come true. The sea was not one of the best, but it had very good conditions and a great degree of difficulty. It was another day of learning. I didn’t get the best ones, but soon we’ll have another session to improve the score. I was well connected with my partner Lucas Fink and we did our best. It is very important to have this event in Brazil. Big Surf needs that – celebrated Lucas Chumbo.

Itacoatiara is known for having big, fast and powerful waves. In addition to the main beach, where surfers usually take tubes while paddling, there is the Shock slab. The exposed rocks and the strength of the wave make this peak one of the most dangerous in Brazil for surfers. On the slab, tow in surfing is more common, when the surfer is towed by a jet-ski.

Surfers being towed in Itacoatiara — Photo: Tony D’Andrea/Disclosure

– The degree of difficulty faced by surfers was very high. At this stage of the competition, we are not just talking about the size of the waves, but the proportion that seems to be smaller, but it is giant, because the place is not easy, it has rocks and the waves grow close to the rocks. We are very pleased with this stage and for having debuted the tow-in with such professionalism and without accidents. This is very important for the competition and for Niterói consolidating itself as the headquarters of the BIG Wave – observed the president of the Niterói Big Wave and Tow-In Surfing Association, Alexey Wanick.

The IBW 2022 has two modalities in the competition: tow-in (Shock slab) and rowing (Itacoatiara beach). In each of the modalities, surfers have the opportunity to send up to 10 waves per video to the organization between June 1st and August 31st. This is the 1st simultaneous big wave and tow-in competition in Brazil. Up to 5 sessions will be held within the event window, 2 with the help of the jet-ski, two in paddling and one at the discretion of the organization. Cameramen and pilots (tow-in) will also participate in the contest.

Gabriel Sampaio surfs in Itacoatiara — Photo: Matheus Couto/Disclosure

Depending on conditions, event calls are made in advance. The organization issues a yellow light, when there is a good forecast but it is not sure that it will happen, and a green light, nailing the day of the event.

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