Juventus responds to Cruzeiro’s proposal for Wesley and fans react on the web: “During the week”

Cruzeiro is in the isolated leadership of Serie B and despite some ‘stumbles’ in recent games, it seems that it will be able to return to the elite of Brazilian football without further problems. But to make sure of that, the board of Raposa continues to search the ball market looking for good opportunities.

This Saturday, it was reported that Cruzeiro was in advanced talks with Juventus to count on the side Wesley Gasolina. According to journalist Venê Casagrande, theNegotiations progressed very well over the hours and the Italian Club accepted the proposal for 50% of the athlete’s rights.

“Juventus accepted Raposa’s offer to have 50% of the full-back (with financial compensation). The full-back has already been informed that he can travel at any time for exams and sign definitively. It can close tomorrow“, revealed the journalist. Cruzeiro will have to pay an amount, as Wesley still had a contract with Juve.

Journalist Samuel Venâncio complemented the information and said that the player is expected this week in Belo Horizonte: “During the week”, Samuel said when asked when Wesley arrives. On the web, Cruzeiro fans have already reacted to the news.

“You can go to the game against Tombense now”, “Will it give the team a boost?”, “Is it Cruzeiro or the Brazilian team?”, said some of the netizens. Raposa takes another step towards making a smooth campaign to return to the football elite.

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