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As a result of Sony’s breakup, spiderman 4commanded by Sam RaimiO “The spectacular Spider Man” (2012) has given the world a new version based on several particular features of the 2010s.

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Directed by Marc Webb, the film went on to consume a great deal of modernization of the web-slinging story displayed in Marvel’s Ultimate comics, in addition to mixing it with skateboarding, Coldplay, and teen angst.

So, the answer to all this was a union of feelings, as there was success at the box office and, after two years, finally, Andrew Gafield and Emma Stone became the couple of the century.

However, there was an overload on the audience to repeatedly tell the origin story, not to mention the theme which was supposed to be impactful to the audience, turned out to be something uninteresting.

Check out some of the rights and wrongs of the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Spider-Man – It worked

Obviously, one of the hits would be our agile and super-expressive Spider-Man, played by Garfield. His grip on the character was much firmer than Tobey Maguire’s staging or even Tom Holland’s bumbling character.

Peter Parker – Went Wrong

As a compensation to the previous point, Spider-Man’s secret identity was not a strong point of the plot, but don’t think it was because of Garfield, but because of the writers’ attempt to turn Parker into a more isolated character because of his depression than social development.

Romance with Gwen Stacy – It worked

Although Peter wasn’t very funny, Garfield’s character sparked his charisma and found a chemistry between him and his co-star, Stone. The connection was such that, to this day, the couple is remembered on screens.

Untold Story – Went Wrong

Another point that ended up not being as expected was investing in discoveries about Parker’s parents’ past, bringing up the idea in the comics that both acted as government agents. And that, between the lines, it was possible to understand that Parker’s transformation was already architected even before things happened.

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