Lauds – Memorial of Saint Alfonso Maria de Ligório, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

v. come, oh Godin my aulio.
R. helpkingme withoutmofrog.
Glory to the Dad and to Fison and to Espirite Santo. *
As andra in the maincipeep, thegoyes and always. THEmmm. aleluiThe.


Eternal Doctor, we praise you, Christ,
who reveal salvation to the peoples.
Only you, Lord, have living words
that give us life and generate new men.

We proclaim, Good Shepherd of the orb,
that you from above confirm the Bride
and his words, by which, constant,
is in the world as radiant light.

Also in these shining servants,
that shine like golden stars,
and explain to us the holy doctrine
of eternal life, a singular treasure.

Therefore, O Master, your glory sounds,
for from the doctors by the voice you give us
wonderful goods of the Holy Spirit,
showing the light with which you shine in heaven.

Pray the righteous, celebrated now,
may your people walk too
along the paths of a growing light,
until I see you in full light. Amen.


Previous 1 when youking the alegraythe of to see yours fanyes, iflord?

Psalm 41(42)

Thirst for God and longing for the temple

Let him who is thirsty come, and whoever wishes, let him receive the water of life free of charge (Rev 22:17).

two Atyea such as colorok suspira *
by Thewaters colorrenyou,
– suspiit was also my soul *
per youoh my God!

3 My therebut thirsts for God, *
it’s fromifthe living God.
– When youking the joy of seeing *
The fance from God?

4 My pranto is my food *
in sayoh night,
– inwhenI’m insistent repeat: *
“Where are youOK your God?”

5 Recolorof the late time *
on what ia with the people.
– Peregrayno and happy walking *
to the herefrom God,
– in between graytoss, praise and joy *
from the multigive jubilant.

6 Per what you grieve, my soul, *
a gemer in my chest?
– Wait in God! I will praise again *
my God Savior!

7 Mytherebut is now downcast, *
and inso I think of you
– from Jogive and from the lands of Hermon *
It’s from monyou Misar.

8 how thebisdraws me another abyss, *
to the frafat of the waterfalls,
– yours onof and your torrents *
about me they launched.

9 that iflord grant me by day *
your greatbenign ça
– it’s from no Iyou, singing, I bless you *
to my Godmy life.

10 I tell God: “You who are my help, *
per what do you forget me?
– Why anof the so sad and downcast *
by the oppressionare from the enemy?”

11 My youonly break with pain, *
to the islandtarme the enemy;
– to dayzero every day again:*
where are youOK your God?”

12 Per what you grieve, my soul, *
a gemer in my chest?
– Wait in God! I will praise again *
my God Savior!

Previous when youking the alegraythe of to see yours fanyes, iflord?

Previous two mosbetrayus, oh iflordyours light, your pergive!

Song Eclo 36,1-7.13-16

Supplication for the Holy City, Jerusalem

Eternal life is this: that they may know you, the only true God, and the one you sent, Jesus Christ (Jn 17:3).

1 have piegivesof and withxãoGod of the Unionto seeonly, *
and mosbetrayus your light, your forgiveness!
two spainlol your fear over the nations, *
about the dustyou who do not want to look for you,
– for what leavesbut you alone are God, *
and forclanyour great wonders.

3 lifttai your hand against strangers, *
for what seejam, how great is your strength.
4 As in we you showed them holiness, *
so mosbetrayus your glory through them,
5 for what leavesbam and confess like us *
that not there is another God besides you!

6 rhinego your wonders and portents, *
7 glorifyfalls your mighty arm!
13 Defendantno all the tribes of Jacob, *
and recebam, as of old, your inheritance.

=14 of this dustyou that is yours, have pity, †
and from Israelhe of whom you made the firstborn, *
and who do you callbutyou with your own name!
15 supportsoyou from Zion, your city, *
the moongar sanctified where you dwell!
16 infull Jerusalem with your deeds, *
and yours dustgo, with the light of your glory!

Previous mosbetrayus, oh iflordyours lightyour pergive!

Previous 3 be goodsayyes, iflordno more thereall heavens.

Psalm 18 A(19)

Praise to the Creator God

The sun that rises from above will visit us, to direct our steps in the way of peace (Lk 1,78,79).

two the heavens forclanmom to Glosslaugh at iflord*
and sign itmento, the work of his hands;
3 the day to saya transmits this message, *
the night at no Ipublish this news to you.

4 are not discoursesos no phrases or words, *
neither are grandmotherthat can be heard;
5 your sound resonlyae spreads throughout the earth, *
arrives at the conends from the universe to your voice.

6 set the thereto a tent for the sun; *
he desponyou’re in heaven and get up
– as one isdustonly from the bridal room, *
like a hegnaws exultant on his way.

7 from an exthreehand of the sky starts to run *
and go tocanfrom your luminous trail,
– until posto reach the other extreme, *
it’s nothing dustto escape its heat.

Previous be goodsayyes, iflordno more thereall heavens.

Short reading Wis 7,13-14

I learned Wisdom without malice and I share it without envy; I don’t hide your wealth. It is a
inexhaustible treasure for men; those who acquire it attract the friendship of God, because
recommended by the gifts of instruction.

brief response

R. Let the peoples of the earth proclaim
* The wisdom of the saints R. That people.
v. And the Church announce, singing, the praises they deserve.
* The wisdom. Glory to the Father. R. that the people

gospel song, before

Whoever is wise will shine as a light in the firmament;
who teaches the multitude the ways of righteousness,
will shine like the stars for everlasting ages.

The Messiah and His Forerunner

68 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, *
because his people he visited and delivered;
69 and raised up a mighty Savior *
in the house of David his servant,

70 as he had spoken by the mouth of his saints, *
the prophets from the most ancient times,
71 to save us from the power of enemies *
and from the hand of all who hate us.

72 Thus he showed mercy to our fathers, *
remembering your holy covenant
73 and the oath to Abraham our father, *
to grant us 74 who, freed from the enemy,
= him we serve without fear †
75 in holiness and righteousness before him, *
as long as our days last.

=76 You will be a prophet of the Most High, O child, †
for you will walk before the Lord *
to smooth and prepare your ways,
77 proclaiming salvation to his people, *
who is in the remission of his sins;

78 by the goodness and compassion of our God, *
who will make the rising sun shine upon us,
79 to give light to those who lie in darkness *
= and in the shadow of death they sit
and to direct our steps, *
guiding them on the path of peace.

– Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. *
As it was in the beginning, now and forever. Amen.

Previous Whoever is wise will shine as a light in the firmament;
who teaches the multitude the ways of righteousness,
will shine like the stars for everlasting ages.


Let us give thanks to Christ, the good Shepherd who gave his life for his sheep; and we ask you:

R.Feed your flock, Lord!

Christ, you wanted to show your love and mercy to the holy shepherds;
— through them, be ever merciful to us.
Through your representatives on earth, you continue to be the Shepherd of our souls;
– do not get tired of directing us through our shepherds.
In your saints, who guide peoples, you are the physician of bodies and souls;
– do not cease to exercise for us the ministry of life and holiness.
By the wisdom and charity of the saints, you instructed your flock;
– guided by our shepherds, make us grow in holiness.

(free intentions)

Our Father…


O God, who continually inspires new examples of virtue in your Church, grant that we may follow in such a way in the footsteps of Bishop Saint Alphonsus in zeal for the salvation of all, that we may obtain with him the heavenly reward. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

End of Hour

The Lord bless us,
deliver us from all evil
and lead us to eternal life. Amen.

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