Neurosurgeon from Santos says faith and religious practices help in coping with diseases

The relationship between faith and healing has been increasingly addressed by doctors and scientists. But what happens in this mechanism that relates religion to the disease improvement process? Neurosurgeon Edson Amâncio says it is evident that when a person has faith and says a prayer or meditation for himself, he is really benefited.

“We are convinced that the patient who is religious enters a state of peace, alleviates his agony, and this contributes to the evolution of any disease. The same is also true when the patient is treated by an empathetic and caring physician. In this case, generally the evolution of the picture is also positive”.

According to Amâncio, there is a curious aspect in the matter of faith. “It has already been discussed in scientific works that there are areas of the brain involved with religion. I have patients in which the electroencephalogram showed changes in a certain area of ​​the brain, usually in the left temporal region. These people tend to have a strong tendency to get attached to the spiritual, religious side. It is as if there is a defined region in the brain that triggers this most fervent religious posture. There are some proven cases of this behavior. These patients end up becoming more hopeful, optimistic, and less anxious. And this favors the evolution of any clinical or surgical treatment”.

The subject, which still generates controversy and controversies, has some studies in its favor. A work by the Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia with about 250 articles worldwide revealed that the regular practice of religiosity reduces the risk of death by 30% from stroke and heart problems, in addition to decreasing the viral load in certain diseases.

A survey by Duke University in North Carolina (USA) has shown that faith helps cancer patients to be 40% less likely to develop depression. There is no doubt that religious practices help in the balance of body and soul and help in coping with the most diverse diseases.

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