President of Independent Fury is trampled by PM horse

The president of the Fúria Independente fans, Mauro Machado Urbim, who is also a counselor at Paraná Clube, is hospitalized in a very serious condition in the ICU of the Hospital do Trabalhador (HT), in Curitiba. He was trampled by a Military Police (PM) horse after the game between Paraná Clube x Cascavel, in the D series of the Brasileirão, held on Saturday afternoon (30). In the match, the tricolor beat the serpent and qualified for the round of 16.

The situation occurred at halftime of the game (which started at 16:00), outside the stadium. A policeman advanced with a horse from the Mounted Police Regiment (PRMon) towards Mauro. The animal ran over the fan and, according to RIC Mais, trampled the victim’s head, who was rescued in a very serious condition.

HT’s advice confirmed that the president of the crowd is in the ICU. RIC Mais also found out from its sources that Mauro has a very large brain swelling and the situation is extremely delicate. Doctors try to reduce the swelling in order to operate on the patient.

unnecessary aggression

The circumstances of what happened are still unclear. But, according to an official note released by Fúria Independente, the aggression occurred unnecessarily, since there was no fight or confusion.

Read the full statement from Fury:

“Decisive game. Heroic ranking. The night that was supposed to be one of joy and celebration, turned into a nightmare for all of us. Yesterday’s date, unfortunately, was also marked by the violence and unpreparedness of the Military Police.

Without any need, in a truculent and COWARD way, the Military Police, with its Mounted Police Regiment, trampled our president Mauro Machado Urbim, who is hospitalized in a very serious condition.

There was never any confusion. In other words, NOTHING justifies the violent and criminal action of the Military Police.

Besides, nothing would justify running over with a HORSE and trampling on the head of any citizen.

At this moment, until it is possible to identify and hold ALL criminals accountable for another episode that is the result of the incompetence of the PM, our priority is with Maurinho’s health.

To those of faith, we ask Mauro for prayers and positive energies. The situation is very critical and any help is welcome.

We trust that you will get out of this situation, President. We are on your side!

STRENGTH MAURINHO! #TFI1993 #PMCovarde #ForçaMaurinho“

Paraná Clube issues a note of support

Paraná Clube also expressed solidarity with the fan and issued an official note:

“On Saturday, the 30th, unfortunately, we didn’t just have joy and celebration. We had, regrettably, an incident in which the Club counselor and president of the Fúria Independente organized crowd was seriously injured, and he is hospitalized in a very serious condition. Mauro Machado Urbim had severe head trauma.

Through this note, we request all positive thoughts and prayers from Mauro Machado Urbim!

Likewise, through the Club, its Councils (Deliberative, Managerial, Advisory and Fiscal) ask the Military Police of the State of Paraná to carry out a quick, complete and detailed investigation of what happened with the counselor Mauro Machado Urbim.

Only with the clarification of the facts will we be able to avoid generalizations, correctly attribute eventual errors or blame, determine preventive measures and, above all, bring the peace we need inside and outside the stadiums so that tragedies do not happen again.

Paraná Clube and its Councils are fully available so that we can elucidate any and all events that have occurred, and work together so that football can be a meeting and a spectacle, only with sports rivalries.


Renato Collere.
Chairman of the Deliberative Council

Ailton Barboza de Souza
President-in-Office of the Management Board

Lucas Munhoz
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Rodrigo Vissotto Junkes
Chairman of the Advisory Board

What does the Military Police say?

The PM spoke by official note and informed that it will open an investigation to investigate what happened.

See the full note:

“This Saturday, 07/30, at halftime between Paraná Clube and Cascavel, there was an attempt to invade the place reserved for visitors, by approximately 80 fans of the Fúria Independente organized crowd, requiring the immediate intervention of the Mounted Police Regiment. .

The teams performed line formation to prevent the passage of these fans, guiding them to return, however, insisting on the invasion attempt, they became hostile.

Aiming to maintain order and mainly to preserve the integrity of Cascavel fans, the teams progressed in the attempt to persuade the retreat, which returned to the interior of the Stadium.

After repelling the action, the police found two fallen fans, in which one of them immediately got up and the other remained unconscious. Emergency first aid was immediately provided, and the Fire Department was called, which promptly continued the care and referred the injured person to the Worker’s Hospital.

An Inquiry will be set up by the Corporation to investigate what happened, bringing to light other information and subsidies that give rise to any pertinent measures.”

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