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What’s the best way to get to know each other? New York? Tom Jobim used to say that he was laid on a stretcher to see the skyscrapers. Jorge Pontual disagrees. The best thing for him is… on skates!

The street skaters of New York get together and go out en masse having fun on the streets of the city. It’s the Fantastic went with them.

They go out in the evening when it gets dark. They always drive in a group and interrupt traffic, but stop at a red light. And they never skate backwards. There are more than a hundred skaters, who do it from April to October, when it doesn’t snow..

They brighten up the city, make the streets an endless skating rink. They help to remember childhood, when one discovers for the first time the incredible sensation of flying on skates.

In the 1980s, skating took over New York. It seemed that everyone was skating, on the streets and on dozens of rinks throughout the city. The film ‘roller boogie‘ caught the marriage of skating with disco. Rollerblading, is there anything better?

Film ‘Roller Boogie’ — Photo: Reproduction

This fever came back with the pandemic. Young people locked in their homes took to the empty streets to skate. Film reporter Alex Carvalho caught one of these groups. see in the video.

With the end of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, New York rediscovered the skates. O Central Park this year opened a new attraction at the traditional ice rink. It’s an 80s-style nightclub called DiscOasis. Find out more by watching the full report in the video above..

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