Teenager swears live on Globo

A teenager cursed live on Globo this Sunday morning (31), inside Esporte Espetacular. Gui Khury couldn’t hold back the emotion of winning a vertical skate championship, said the pearl and the reporter present had to intervene.

The scene took place at the end of the Vert Battle, a skate tournament broadcast live by Globo. So, when told that he had won the competition, Bill went overboard. “Can’t you believe it?”, asked reporter Fernando Vidotto. “No, my God! Fuck!”, fired the 13-year-old boy on national television.

At the same moment, the journalist interrupted his speech. “Congratulations, it’s time to cut! The boy said what he couldn’t, but congratulations to him”, he joked. Meanwhile, narrator Everaldo Marques fired an “Oops” in the studio when he heard the expletive.

On social media, Lucas Gutierrez, presenter of “Esporte Espetacular”, commented on the episode. “We need more teens live on TV,” he captioned the video.

Natuza Nery swears at GloboNews


At the end of March, journalist Natuza Nery ended up letting out an expletive live on the GloboNews program “Estúdio i”. The journalist and colleagues from the news channel were talking about Jair Bolsonaro’s decision to change the president of Petrobras when the communicator let out the bad word.

“Two months from now, there’s a hell of a transfer… Sorry, there’s a super transfer”, she shot. “I thought it was daring, I thought it was powerful”, joked Maria Beltrão. “I’m dying of shame, subscribers, a thousand pardons”, said Natuza Nery, disconcerted.

While her colleagues on the bench laughed at the situation, Maria Beltrão tried to get around the moment. “That’s already São Paulo slang, right? ‘A super,'” she joked. “I didn’t quite understand. What’s a ‘pi’ transfer in what? Speak, Natuza, feel free to do the ‘pi’, go on…”, Octávio Guedes amended later.

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