Tomb Raider: new game can have Lara Croft leading a group of adventurers

The next game in the Tomb Raider franchise could have the older heroine Lara Croft leading a group of young explorers, according to a script used in the casting search leaked by the website Sacred Symbols.

The new Tomb Raider is codenamed Project Jawbreaker and is described as an action adventure set in present times after the world suffers a mysterious cataclysm.

In the script information, the project looks for a British actress in her 30s, in the style of actresses Emily Blunt or Rosamund Pike, and states that there will be romantic scenes with another female character. He also says that Lara Croft is in her prime and that the inexperienced young woman’s days dealing with her family’s problems are over.

The heroine left her youth behind and fully embraced the life of an adventurer, creating a legendary career that inspired a new generation of young people to pursue their fortunes around the world. With the new phase of her life, Lara accepts that her place is among ruins and unknown places.

The script also implies that the new Tomb Raider will introduce a new generation of characters led and trained by Lara who will be involved in key gameplay points. Some of them have their names mentioned, such as Devendra and Tanvi.

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