Trump would have buried ex-wife on golf course to avoid paying tax, says researcher | World

Ivana Trump, former US President Donald Trump’s first wife, died on July 14, 2022. Her death shocked some, but the way she was buried may draw even more attention.

Ivanka’s mother Donald Jr. and Eric had his body buried on a golf course in the state of New Jersey. The site is owned by the former president and has approximately 2km² of land.

An American researcher and sociologist named Brooke Harrington did an analysis on her social media where she took into account the fact that, with the burial, the place could be recognized by the state justice as a “non-profit cemetery”.

State law mandates that “any individual, corporation, partnership, association or other public or private entity that owns, operates, controls or manages land or sites used or dedicated to the burial of human remains” not pay certain taxes.

This move would allow the entrepreneur not to pay taxes on this property and for it not to be recorded in his income tax.

There is no mention of a minimum number of bodies that must be buried in order to obtain this classification.

The sociologist’s analysis also takes into account that the place in New Jersey already has some discounts on its taxes because it operates as a farm, since it produces a certain amount of manure and a certain region.

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