“Veiga at the Bank”; Palmeiras fans shake the WEB and elect another striker to start against Galo

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The player fell in favor of the crowd and a good part of him signed him as a starter for the decision against Atlético Mineiro.


Argentinian striker José Manuel Flaco López, from Palmeiras, fell in favor of the Alviverde fans, the player scored his first goal with the Verdão shirt against Ceará and could be the ideal 9 long awaited and requested by Abel Ferreira. If this is confirmed, the player must be holder against Atlético Mineiro, in the first part of the decision for Libertadores, in Mineirão, at 21:30, on Wednesday (3).

Flaco arrives at Verdão at the moment when Rony is injured, the main player of the team in Libertadores still doesn’t know if he will be able to enter against Galo. In addition, the Argentine won the dispute with another reinforcement from Verdão, Merentiel, the Uruguayan who made his debut as a starter against América-MG still hasn’t convinced enough to stay in the position.

The Argentine is being highly praised on social media by the Palmeiras fans, who chose him as an ideal striker for Abel’s team: “All the coolness and calm of Flaco López. WE HAVE A 9, FAMILY”; “Flaco Lopez touches the ball* me: crack, genius, owner of the ball.”; “Flaco Lopez is a very good centre-forward, I had forgotten what any forward ball was like to have someone to fight with the defenders, and that in front of the goalkeeper he doesn’t shake at the base…”

In addition, he had a Verdão fan stressing that the player has to be a starter in the decision against Galo next Wednesday: “My attack against Atlético Mineiro is Rony, Flaco López and Dudu. Scarpa setting up. Veiga enters in the second half. ”

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