Will Uber drivers, 99 and other apps also be able to receive the R$ 1,000 Pix?

The Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) that passed the last instance by the Federal Senate and had its approval granted in mid-July is responsible for changing various aids and social benefits linked to the Federal Government. There are several changes to existing benefits and the creation of new ones.

One of the new benefits is a specific aid for two groups of drivers. With the news of the creation of this new aid, many Brazilians may have been in doubt about who could receive it. After all, will app drivers be included and will they be able to receive the installments? See more below.

New assistance for drivers will be paid until the end of the year / Image: Disclosure.

Social benefits of the PEC

First of all, it is important to highlight the social benefits that the PEC has brought to the Brazilian population. Thus, the first change that drew the most attention was the increase in transfers from Auxílio Brasil. From the first half of August, beneficiaries will be able to count on installments in the amount of R$ 600. Furthermore, it is expected that there will be the inclusion of another 2 million people in the payroll.

The Gas Voucher will also undergo a change in its value. From next month it will be R$ 120.

However, there are also new social benefits that were created exclusively by the text of the PEC. This is the case, for example, of the emergency benefit for truck drivers (BEm-Caminhoneiro) and taxi drivers (BEm-Taxistas).

The justification for creating these aids, which will be paid in 6 installments between August and December, lies in the fact that gasoline, oil and other fuels have undergone a significant increase in value.

As a result, the work income of both truck drivers and taxi drivers may have suffered losses, since fuel is one of the elements that allow these two groups to work.

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App drivers get paid?

With the approval of this aid, many people were in doubt whether application drivers could also be included. It is necessary to say that there was, indeed, a project that allowed the inclusion of these workers in the measure.

The PEC rapporteur, Deputy Danilo Forte (PSD-CE) was responsible for considering the expansion of the benefit to these drivers. However, the text did not go to the next necessary instances that could decide for approval or not.

Because of this, app drivers will not receive the aid when it starts to be paid. Thus, one of the arguments used that defended the non-inclusion of this group of drivers was the fact that there is no government database that allows the identification of these workers.

Finally, it should be noted that the benefits paid by the PEC will only be paid until the end of the year.

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