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Over a decade of film distribution, A24 has become a brand in itself. After dozens of artistic successes with some of the most exciting new filmmakers working today, this spring saw Daniels’ instant classic Everything everywhere at the same time will become the distributor’s biggest hit to date and will undoubtedly be an Oscar nominee at next year’s awards.

According to IndieWire, discussions are already underway for a sequel to Michelle Yeoh’s vehicle, but it’s not the only A24 movie that deserves the sequel treatment. There are plenty of A24 movies over the years, instant classics and cult enchanters, that cry out for another entry.

10 Everything everywhere at once (2022)

Author duo Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinart (working under the combined name Daniels) are already thinking about a possible sequel to their maximalist action-comedy, and for good reason. The surprise hit is a world-building success on a scale rarely seen in independent films, and the kind of multiverse the Daniels conceived calls for as much exploration as possible.

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In the sequel, Yeoh’s Evelyn and her daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu) are likely to join forces against a new threat threatening the multiverse, hopefully one as mundanely terrifying as Jamie Lee Curtis’ tax auditor. Or it could be a mission to help his ailing father (James Hong) in the twilight of his life. Just like the multiverse itself, the possibilities are endless.

9 Eighth year (2018)

Bo Burnham has emerged as one of the most interesting comedic talents working today. Most notably, its dark and revealing special Inside, produced during the pandemic, showed the world a man in crisis with the world he sees around him. But A24 fans knew its depths years earlier with his directorial debut, Eighth grade.

The comedy of life follows Kayla (played by newcomer Elsie Fisher) as she tries to navigate life as a typical 14-year-old in the modern world. The result is a touching and surprisingly observant film that deserves a sequel. Kayla would be in her senior year, and the teenagers’ lives only got more complicated.

8 Ex Machina (2014)

by Alex Garland ex machine is one of the label’s first hits and remains one of the best techno-horrors of all time. The story ends with the android Ava (Alicia Vikander) leaving her creator Nathan (Oscar Isaac) for dead, taking the helicopter destined for hapless programmer Caleb (Domnhall Gleeson) and mingling with a crowd in an unfamiliar city.

What Ava does next is left to the imagination, as is what happens inside the bunker walls of the remote complex. A24 could ostensibly expand in the movie original ending, which gave a glimpse into Ava’s consciousness. Or, given that Caleb is still locked inside the compound, he can relive Nathan’s earlier attempts at AI and hunt down Ava as she adapts to her new world.

7 Free Fire (2016)

There are very few action movies that have the same indie energy as Ben Wheatley’s feisty. free fire. It’s a rare film that is able to replicate the energy of Quentin Tarantino’s early days without looking like a pale copy. Utilizing a cast of brilliant and charismatic stars from the UK and US, the generally obtuse and brooding Wheatley has delivered an action comedy that feels like parlor farce.

At the end of the warehouse shootout that comprises 90% of the film’s runtime, the only survivor is Justine (Brie Larson), a government agent with vague loyalties and a large chip on her shoulder. A sequel would naturally put her in the lead, whether she’s incarcerated (as the end of the movie suggests) or backs out yet again.

6 The Green Knight (2021)

Writer/director David Lowery brought Arthurian poetry to the screen in the green knight, embracing the magical imagery of writing to take the viewer on a dreamlike journey, and a new batch of Arthurian films would be welcome. A suitable response to this film would be a version of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Vita Merlini, which tells of Merlin’s descent into madness, Cassandran’s prophecies, vindication, and ultimately his refusal of the call to return to rule his kingdom.

However, A24’s legacy makes Morgan Le Fay a clear choice as a central character. King Arthur’s sister and Merlin’s apprentice, Morgan played a critical role in the original Green Knight poem, as it was she who sent the Green Knight to court to test Gawain. A24 would play well with Morgan’s moral ambiguity, his controversial sexuality, and his journey with Arthur from ally to foe and back again.

5 Slow West (2015)

slow west is one of the most underrated westerns of the modern wave of revisionist films the genre has seen in recent years. The John Maclean fable stars Michael Fassbender as exhausted bounty hunter Silas Selleck, who while in search of a pair of outlaw lovers is joined by a Scottish teenager (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who believes the outlaw is your true love.

For much of the film, Selleck is just a sad observer as an inevitable tragedy befalls all involved. But his narration and insight into the human condition give the story extra weight, and it’s easy to imagine another if his adventures were told with similar pathos and irony.

4 The Remembrance: Part II (2021)

Joanna Hogg’s duology of The memory and The Remembrance: Part II are two of the best films in recent memory, portraying the growth of a young artist with equal parts biting humor and powerful grace. In a quasi-autobiographical depiction of his own life as a film student in the UK, Hogg and his star Honor Swinton Byrne paint a portrait of a lost young woman both specifically and universally relatable, and there’s nothing to stop their story from continuing.

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After the premiere of his experimental thesis at the end of part II and embarking on a career as a commercial director, lead director Julie can navigate the waters of trying to produce her first feature while dealing with the harsh realities of adulthood in a world not yet ready for her voice.

3 Under the Silver Lake (2018)

David Robert Mitchell Under the Silver Lake is one of the most incomprehensible of the neo-noirs, a genre already known for its labyrinthine plots and seductive characters. Centering around a movie geek named Sam (Andrew Garfield) and his search for a mysterious girl who showed up in his apartment block and disappeared without a trace, the film presents a doll of conspiracies and cover-ups that quickly drive the amateur hero to insanity.

Garfield, whose most recent neo-noir experience is on Hulu Under the banner of heaven, has proven adept at throwing idealists into their heads, and the world Mitchell has created is too bold and strange to leave alone. While the film’s ending leaves Sam at peace with the unknown, another dark LA mystery is certainly not far off.

two Under the Skin (2013)

The 2013 sci-fi fantasy is still one of the watermarks of Scarlett Johansson’s career and the entire A24 catalogue. Even set in the shadowy streets of rural Scotland, Jonathan Glazer’s masterpiece is sumptuous and fascinating. And while the mysteries of Johansson’s character, only referred to as The Female, are vaguely revealed throughout the story, audiences still wonder what exactly happened when the credits roll.

In a world where ever-expanding worlds reign supreme, the A24 has a rich universe to explore in alluring extraterrestrials and motorcycle racers featured in under the skinand while Johansson’s character may be gone, a new crop of beauties to attract lonely men could shed some light on audiences eager for answers.

1 Zola (2020)

although the Zola The saga seems to end perfectly, there is more to its story posted on Twitter than the film portrays. Four days after returning home, A’Ziah King (the titular Zola) received a call from her nemesis, Jessica, from a cell. Caught requesting sex in Las Vegas, she tells Zola that the pimp who orchestrated the wild Florida saga was wanted for kidnapping 15 underage girls and was linked to 6 murders, including the one shown in the movie.

He is currently serving a 16-year prison term, and real-life Jessica has threatened to sue Zola for character defamation for reporting her as a sex worker (for vanity fair). While Zola’s involvement with the story pretty much ends after Florida, there’s more than enough drama surrounding Jessica and her pimp for a sequel.

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