4 fun ways to entertain kids at airports

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If you’re used to traveling by plane, you’ve probably already faced this problem: how to keep kids busy during delayed flights? Without a doubt, this year is the year of delayed flights, phenomena that ended up creating a scenario of anxiety for those traveling as a family.

In this sense, The Family Vacation Guide has gathered research about airports with the most delays, as well as the airlines that have the most delays.

Thus, the data show that Newark Liberty International in New Jersey experienced the most delays. Due to this scenario, for families who often travel with children, when their flight is delayed, it can create a bit of panic at the thought of keeping the kids busy.

Obviously, depending on the airport, it is sometimes possible to find an area with games to play with the children. However, what to do when this area is not available and the flight is delayed? Check here and we’ll tell you!

Tips to entertain your kids at airports

Have paper and pen handy!

Children usually enjoy making drawings and interacting with this playful spectrum. In addition, many people suggest that this basic kit can be essential in this time of emergency. One father even gave his account of using this tactic to distract his children when a flight was delayed.

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He said: “As a parent, it is important to be prepared for all potential situations, this includes waiting for long periods of time without internet access or technology. […] If that happens, a reliable pen and paper can save the day, from drawing boards to simple games like tic-tac-toe and Pictionary.”

Play some games with the kids!

In fact, playing some games with children can be key to keeping them distracted. In that sense, playing guessing games can keep kids busy while parents try to figure out their next steps after a canceled or delayed flight.

Games are the best way to keep kids busy. Generally, children love them and end up getting easily distracted when they are immersed in some playful activity, especially one that is aimed at brain stimulation. So invest in games like “who am I”, or some other guessing type.

Go for a walk and invent a treasure hunt!

Generally, children have an immeasurable ability to mess with the playful part of the mind. This, over time, when we become adults, ends up being lost. However, children have a gigantic ability to make everything always more fun.

So if your flight is delayed, you can take your kids and walk around the airport, tell a story and make up a treasure hunt and buy some trophy at a convenience store. The airport is an extremely large place, with several spaces in which people can walk and unwind. Take advantage of this space and time to your advantage.

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Playing hide and seek also helps to distract children at airports!

Rarely does a child not like to play hide and seek. Thus, this game is perfect for times when your flight is delayed. You can agree on a rule with your children, delimiting an area of ​​the airport (that is in their field of vision) in which they can play hide and seek.

Children love this game, as it combines observation and athletics activities, such as running, for example. If you want to make the game more fun, you can play hide an item too, offering a prize for whoever finds the first item.

In summary, there are several ways you can help your children have fun at airports, especially when the flight is delayed. And you can check out more tips like this at Travel Routes. So don’t waste time!

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