All the Harry Potter Movies Are Leaving HBO Max to Another Streamer

HBO Max is once again losing all Harry Potter movies as they come back to another streaming platform. The eight-film series adapted from JK Rowling’s seven books was wildly popular throughout its run, becoming one of the biggest film franchises of all time, grossing billions of dollars worldwide. HBO Max still held the Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts special earlier this year, which brought together the golden trio of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson with other cast members and original director Chris Columbus to discuss the films.

all eight Harry Potter the movies were available on HBO Max when it launched in May 2020, but left after 90 days and switched to Peacock. HBO Max managed to regain the rights in September 2021, and on top of that, it owns all three fantastic beasts movies, set in the Wizarding World before Harry’s time. The move from 2020 movies to NBCUniversal’s Peacock came around the time of Rowling’s controversial statements about transgender people, but the streaming platform has confirmed the Harry Potter the removal of the films was only related to the licensing terms. Now these terms have resulted in another change.

As Variety reports, the Harry Potter movies are once again migrating from HBO Max to Peacock. All eight films are currently available on both services, but August 31st will mark the last day they will be on HBO Max. After that day, only Peacock will be able to broadcast the adventures of Boy Who Lived. However, the three fantastic beasts movies will remain on HBO Max for now.

the arrival of Harry Potter The franchise is certainly a boon for Peacock, who has been trying to establish himself in an increasingly crowded streaming landscape. However, ever-changing platforms represent a frustrating aspect of streaming, where movies don’t seem to stay in one place for long. there could be many Harry Potter unsubscribed Peacock fans who are frustrated with this change. Based on what has gone before though, it seems likely that Harry and his friends will return to HBO Max in the future.

While HBO Max appears to have – at least temporarily – lost the battle for Harry Potter movies in the war for streaming platform supremacy, remains a behemoth with a wide array of new and old content. However, it is good for Harry Potter fans get all eight movies on one platform with a free tier option like Peacock, compared to HBO Max’s $14.99 monthly. HBO Max still has the reunion and fantastic beastsand the possible development of a Harry Potter television show could also be enough to soothe those disappointed with the films’ departure.

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