Android 13 should be released in September

Android 13 should be released as early as September, a recent Google post suggests. Notes from a system security update for September this year signal that the company may release the system — at least the “purest” version of it — as early as next month.

This “Android 13 Security Release Note” details experimental security solutions for the new OS with a security patch scheduled for 9/1/2022 — that is, with protections for September. Every device with this security package will have guaranteed protection against the threats listed in the document.

New colors for icons based on the chosen wallpaper are some of the new features of Android 13 (Image: Playback/Google)

The security build date is not an accurate indicator of the final OS release, however it is an important sign that the OS is about to be released. Perhaps in September, Google will release the final version of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the purest version of the operating system aimed at developers and manufacturers.

If the owner of the system follows the same strategy as last year, the raw version of Android 13 should be released first — even before the version intended for Pixel line phones. The general public will not have immediate access to the OS, but they will be very close to getting their hands on the big update.

Android 13 almost ready

Since June, Google has invested in increasing the stability of Android 13. This period was marked by less frequent and significant updates for the average user, but crucial to strengthen the OS structure against bugs, performance issues and incompatibilities.

Officially, there is no release forecast for Android 13, but Google tends to release new editions of the OS always between September and October of the respective year.

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