Brazilian CNH goes into effect in Portugal this Monday (1st)

THE driver’s license (National Driver’s License) Brazilian starts to take effect in Portugal from this Monday, 1st. The change in the Highway Code covers all citizens of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) and the Organization for Economic Development Cooperation (OECD).

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Until the entry into force of Decree-Law No. 46 of 2022, Brazilians and other foreigners living in the European country had to exchange their documents for the Portuguese version. The replacement was mandatory for up to 90 days, counted from the issuance of the residence permit.

After the initial period, the driver could apply for a Portuguese driver’s license within two years, but without driving a vehicle with a CNH issued in Brazil in that period. After the two years, it was possible to request the automatic exchange of the document, which was released after passing a new practical driving test.

less bureaucracy

The change in legislation reduces bureaucracy and costs for foreigners living in Portugal, says lawyer Thiago Huver, a partner at Martins Castro. He adds that the novelty facilitates the integration of citizens from other countries and should generate positive impacts on the Portuguese economy.

The new rule only benefits drivers under the age of 60, who have foreign driving titles issued or renewed for less than 15 years. It applies to motorcycles, tricycles, quadricycles of 50 or more cylinders, as well as vehicles with up to eight passengers (with or without trailer and semi-trailer).

In the case of cars for up to 17 seats and with a maximum length of 8 meters, it is necessary to carry out theoretical and practical tests at the Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT).

No changes are planned for tourists. Anyone visiting Portugal can drive around the country for up to 185 days using a Brazilian driver’s license.

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