Corinthians enjoys an overwhelming first half and wins Minas by the National Futsal League

This Monday, Corinthians beat Minas 5-2, at Arena Minas UniBH, in Belo Horizonte. The duel was valid for the 18th round of the National Futsal League. Tatinho, Baby, Alves and Kauê, twice, scored goals for Timão

With the result, the alvinegro club won again in the national competition after being defeated in the last two matches. The team led by Deividy Hadson reached 32 points on the leaderboard and took sixth place in the tournament.

Corinthians had an overwhelming first half. On an inspired night by Kauê, who scored two goals in the match, Timão scored four goals and went to halftime with an elastic score in their favour. In the second half, the alvinegro club knew how to hold back the pressure of Minas, who scored a goal. Alves still scored one more and the Parque São Jorge team ended the match with three more points in the competition.

Write it down – Corinthians returns to the court next Friday, at 8 pm. In a duel valid for the 19th round of the National Futsal League (LNF), Timão faces the Atlantic, at the Wlamir Marques Gym, in Parque São Jorge.


Coach Deividy Hadson had two important absences for this Monday’s duel. Deives and Allan, who usually appear in the starting lineup, were absent for the confrontation against Minas. Both are recovering from injury.

Without the athletes, Corinthians entered the court with Lucas Oliveira, Henrique, Tatinho, Levy and Kaue. Available were Vandeson, Lé, Lucas Martins, Baby, Alves, Thiaguinho, Sodré, Yan and Vini.

The game

First time

The match started in the best possible way for the Corinthians team. In the first minute of the game, Minas’ defense vacillated, Timão stole the ball, Henrique kicked and the ball exploded in the marking. On the rebound, Levy kicked low and Kauê completed with a letter to open the game’s score.

After Corinthians scored, the game was balanced. Minas started to have more possession of the ball, but without effective chances to equalize. Timão bet on counterattacks, but also faced difficulties in creating plays.

The first good opportunity for Minas came at five minutes. In a free-kick, Guegue scored with Scheffer and finished. The ball deflected on Henrique and passed the right post of Corinthians.

Timon responded quickly. Thiaguinho pulled a counterattack after Minas’ attack. The shirt 45 dribbled the mark and kicked low into the area. The ball came out weak, Alves tried to finish and the ball passed grazing the post.

The match got busy. At six minutes, Scheffer took a corner for Minas. The ball crossed the area, Higo finished with the first shot and the ball exploded on the crossbar of the goal defended by Lucas Oliveira. The opponent of Timão almost didn’t tie the game.

At eight minutes, the Parque São Jorge club was close to increasing the score. Henrique made a good play on the left, crossed back, Levy finished with force and Lucas made a good save. On the rebound, Kauê tried to push the ball to the nets, but the marking removed the danger.

Corinthian pressure had an effect ten minutes into the first stage. Levy made a good move on the left side, he faked the mark, played for Henrique and the fixed pass passed to Kauê in the area. The pivot turned over the opposing marker, finished and scored the second goal for Timão.

The alvinegro club attacked again in the 11th minute. In a quick counterattack, Tatinho received in the middle of the court, carried, kicked low and the ball passed the right post of the goal defended by Lucas.

Corinthians increased the score in the 13th minute. After stealing the ball in the defense field, the alvinegro team made a quick offensive transition, Lé crossed on the second post and Baby just pushed into the nets. It was Timão’s third goal of the match.

The match was very favorable to Corinthians. The Parque São Jorge club managed to steal the ball in the defense field and created good chances to expand the score. At 15 minutes, Thiaguinho was brought down on the edge of the area and the referee called a foul.

on free kickTatinho kicked hard with his left leg and the ball was very strong near Lucas’ left corner, with no chance for the Minas goalkeeper. It was Corinthians’ fourth goal of the match.

With three minutes to go in the first half, Minas reduced the score. Corinthians missed the pass during the offensive transition, Guegué stole the ball, passed it to Maia, the opponent’s number 7 dribbled Lucas Oliveira and just pushed it into the nets.

Minas grew in the match, but did not create any clear chance to score the second goal of the game. The first half ended 4-1 for Corinthians.

Second time

Corinthians started the second stage with more possession of the ball. Timão bet on the exchange of passes to surprise Minas. At three minutes, Henrique saw Levy on the second post, passed, shirt 15 broke inside the area and was unable to complete the move. It was the first good offensive arrival of the second stage.

At five minutes, Minas had the first big chance in the second stage. Guilherme received a throw in the attack field, dribbled Lé, was face to face with Lucas Oliveira, finished and the goalkeeper of Timão made a good save.

After a minute, Timão’s opponent started to scare again. After a good exchange of passes in the middle of the court, Ribeirão received the ball, cleared the marking, finished strong and the kick went over the crossbar defended by Lucas Oliveira.

Minas started to put a lot of pressure on at nine minutes. Corinthians lost possession of the ball, Guegué came face to face with Lucas Oliveira, kicked and the Timão goalkeeper threw it to the corner. In the collection of the dead ball, Higo finished from the middle of the court and scored the second of the Minas Gerais team.

The goal lit up the opposing team. At 11 minutes, Minas had a good chance to score the third goal of the match. Maia received in the middle of the court, dribbled two markers at speed, finished strong and the ball went over the crossbar.

The pressure from Minas was frightening and Deividy Hadson asked for time to stop the opponent’s momentum. On the return of the match, the team from Belo Horizonte again created a good scoring opportunity. Ribeirão received a good pass, cleared the mark and kicked hard for Lucas Oliveira to defend well.

Corinthians had the best chance of the second half in the 13th minute. Lé received in the middle of the court, scored with Yan, finished strong and the ball passed the side of the goal defended by Lucas. Timão almost didn’t increase the score.

The last quarter of the game was tied. Minas pressured in the attack and started to play with goalkeeper-line in the last ten minutes. Corinthians almost extended the score in the 18th minute, Henrique stole the ball, risked from afar and narrowly missed Timão’s fifth goal.

Remaining five seconds to the end of the game, the alvinegro club managed to score one more goal. Alves took advantage of the opponent’s goalkeeper’s error, finished from the defense field and scored for Timão. The match ended 5-2 for Corinthians.

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