Cruzeiro seeks victory in Mineiro to approach Atlantic record

Cruzeiro has a perfect campaign in Mineir
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Cruzeiro has a perfect campaign in Mineiro in this Series B so far

Full stadium, support from start to finish and victory. The ideal scenario for any home team has been the technique of leader Cruzeiro’s campaign in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. Unbeatable in Belo Horizonte so far, coach Paulo Pezzolano’s team is close to equaling a record held by arch-rivals Atltico in the current format of the competition (points running with 20 clubs), which started in 2006.

Cruzeiro has perfect use as home team. They won the ten matches played at home, scored 16 goals and took only two. With a great performance, he took the lead and opened up an advantage over the competitors for a place in Serie A. There are 46 points won in all (30 of them in BH), seven more than the vice-leader Vasco (who has a match to more) and 14 ahead of fifth-placed Tombense, the next opponent.
According to a survey carried out by supersportsonly two teams have achieved more consecutive home wins in Serie B in the current format: the record holder Atlético, who accumulated 12 consecutive wins in 2006, and Cricima, who won 11 times in a row in the 2012 season.

Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina got access, the first as champions and the second as runners-up.

This Saturday, Cruzeiro is trying to equal the 2012 Cricima and stay one victory away from BH to reach the Atltico record. The celestial team welcomes Tombense in Mineiro, starting at 7 pm, for the 21st round of Serie B.

If they win, coach Paulo Pezzolano’s team can open up to 17 points ahead of the fifth-placed team. The expectation, once again, of a full Mineiro.

“We won 100% of the points played at home. God forbid we keep 100% at home, but at some point it will happen that we don’t win. We have to be calm. We have to think about the next game, play with everything, a final, because Tombense has been playing very well. It will be a very difficult rival. Be calm, keep working hard and not think so much about the long term, but about the next game”, analyzed the Uruguayan coach.

Serie B team signings for the second half

The cruise at home

Serie B leader, Cruzeiro also has the best performance as home team of the competition, with 30 points won.

The runner-up in terms of Sampaio Corra, with 26 points (eight wins and two draws). Then comes Vasco, with the same score as those from Maranhão, but with two more games (seven wins and five draws).

Cruzeiro still has nine games as home team in this Serie B. Therefore, it can reach up to 57 points (30 already won plus the 27 in play). The record at home in the current format shared by Nutico (2006) and Corinthians (2008), who got 50 points.

The celestial team receives Tombense, Chapecoense, Nutico, Cricima, Operrio-PR, Vasco, Ituano, Guarani and CSA until the end of Serie B.

The board of Cruzeiro and the administration of Minas Arena, responsible for managing Mineiro, reached an agreement so that eight of the nine matches will be played at the stadium, with the exception of the match against Chape, which will be in Brasília.

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