Curiosities | ‘ParaNorman’, praised stop-motion animation, turns 10 in 2022!

Animations are usually quite popular among audiences of different ages – and, in this regard, there is no studio equal to that of laika.

Known for its chilling stories and an appeal to terror and suspense, the company made its official debut on the film scene with the acclaimed and classic ‘Coraline and the Secret World’. Ascending to an empire of few titles, but with an immense legacy, it didn’t take long for the public to fall in love with his narratives and be enchanted by the revitalization of the techniques of stop motion that they promoted.

This month, we celebrate the anniversary of one of its most famous titles: ‘ParaNorman’. The comic horror fantasy enjoyed considerable critical and box office success, earning an Oscar and BAFTA nomination for best animation. The plot centers on young Norman (Kodi Smith-McPhee), a boy with psychic powers and the ability to communicate with ghosts who finds himself at the center of a dangerous adventure to rid his hometown of a 300-year-old curse.

Bringing names like Jodelle Ferland, Bernard Hill, Tucker Albrizzi, Anna Kendrick, Casey Affleck, Alex Borstein, John Goodman and many others to the cast, the production was praised for its dense and humorous tone and, to honor him, we separated a list with some backstage trivia.

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  • At the beginning of the film, Norman is watching an over-the-top horror movie. The sequel proved to be quite difficult for the directors. Sam Fell and Chris Butleras they had to create a bad production (with forced camera angles, lack of focus, bad acting) intentionally while working on the film’s demanding techniques.
  • Laika used 3D printers to generate all the faces needed for the characters – with the exception of the zombies, which had mechanical faces with silicone skin.

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  • The narrative centers on the picturesque town of Blithe Hollow, whose name is an amalgamation of two other quite famous supernatural stories: ‘Blithe Spirit’in Noël Cowardand ‘The legend of the headless Knight’ (‘Sleepy Hollow, in the original), by Washington Irving.
  • With the exception of Judge Hopkins (Hill), the seven cursed zombies are not mentioned by name at any given time. However, they have names and are even mentioned in the credits: Eben Hardwick, Thaddeus Blackton, Lemuel Spalding, Amelia Wilcot, Goodie Temper and Wile London, in addition to the aforementioned Hopkins.

  • ‘ParaNorman’ it was the second film in which Ferland played a character accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. The first time was at the famous ‘Terror in Silent Hill’2006, in which she played Alessa.
  • Neil’s (Albrizzi) older brother Mitch (Affleck) is the very stereotype of the goofy jock, but he helped bring representation to theaters. After all, he is the first openly gay character in a children’s animation.
  • To create a new doll from beginning to end, it takes three to four months, not including the design and the test time. In ‘ParaNorman’foam required 60 artists to create 178 individual puppets, 28 of those just for Norman.

  • The protagonist’s hair style is one of the most eye-catching elements of the film – and it was made with 275 pieces of goat hair, bonded with hot glue, hair gel, fabric and superglue – in addition to medical adhesives, hemp and copper wires. . When finished, it was hand-painted with hair dye and gouache paint.
  • We already know that the animations in stop motion are quite laborious, and ‘ParaNorman’ It didn’t prove to be easy either. To give you an idea, the sequence in which Norman is contacted by the ghost of Mr. Prenderghast (Goodman) took a year to shoot.
  • 120 different costumes were hand-sewn for the film.
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