Deadline for submitting information ends today

There are only a few hours left before the deadline for sending information from taxi drivers regarding the receipt of the taxi assistance program. According to information from the Ministry of Labor, city halls need to send worker data by 7 pm this Tuesday (2), so that the folder can carry out the selection process.

Initially, the Ministry of Labor agreed with the municipalities for a shorter deadline for sending data. They made it clear that they would only receive the information until last Sunday night (31). However, many mayors were unable to send anything and complained about the “short term”. Thus, the folder decided to extend the scheme until today.

In addition to this current submission window, the Federal Government has already agreed with the municipalities that it should open a new round in the coming weeks. Thus, municipal administrations that are unable to send the documentation now will be able to send it later. In any case, the orders that you do not send at this first moment, will delay the payments of your taxi drivers.

I’m a taxi driver, do I need to register?

Not. In a technical note released two weeks ago, the Ministry of Labor explained that the process of sending information only involves city halls and the folder. Thus, at least in theory, taxi drivers do not need to worry about any type of registration. Just wait until the Ministry of Citizenship selects your name.

In any case, an important tip is to contact your city hall. In recent days, some municipal administrations have asked drivers to update their data, before sending it to the Ministry. By contacting the local government, citizens will be able to understand if they need to do something, or if it is enough to wait for a decision from the Ministry.

the taxi driver assistance

The taxi driver allowance was approved by the National Congress last July. The project is part of the PEC of Benefits program group, a text that provides for the release of R$ 41 billion to the Federal Government in this second semester.

There is still no exact number of taxi-assist users. The executive branch has not yet collected all the information from the prefectures. As said, the process of sending the data has not yet come to an end and should take a few more days.

Without knowing the exact number of users, it is also not possible to know what the value of the payments will be. The Government is working with the possibility of paying R$ 1 thousand per month until the end of this year, but the balance still needs to be defined.

The calendar

Even before confirming the value of the taxi driver allowance, the Federal Government has already defined the project’s payment schedule. According to official information, the first release will take place on the 16th of this month of August. See below:

1st Installment: August 16
2nd Installment: August 16
3rd Installment: September 24
4th Installment: October 22
5th Installment: November 26
6th Installment: December 17th

The Government also announced that selected taxi drivers will be able to move money from the program through the Caixa Tem app. This is the same system that is already used in benefits such as Auxílio Brasil and the national gas voucher.

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