Did you see this one? ‘end of the world’ fish that heralds disaster caught; watch video

The story of the capture of an almost 6 meter long fish in Chile was the most read news about livestock and animals of the week on the Canal Rural portal. Fishing for the big fish has left the population in an uproar because, according to a popular belief, its capture is the harbinger of some catastrophe.

In addition to this report, the period also featured content about one of the largest breeds of cattle, the bizarre attempt to smuggle Brazilian birds, a drinking trough for cattle and a reduction in the time of rearing cattle.

Check out the top 5 of the most read livestock news of the week

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5. How to shorten the rearing from 18 to just six months? Expert has the answer

program recreated turbocharged

Photo: Giro do Boi

check here the tips of the veterinarian Guilherme Vieira, coordinator and professor of VeteAgroGest√£o and VagCursos, interviewed in the program Giro do Boi

4. Is the tire drinker safe for the ox?

tire drinker

Photo: Giro do Boi/reproduction

The veterinarian Fernando Loureiro, specialist in water quality for cattle, gives recommendations on how to proceed

3. Police seize 300 birds in a man’s suitcase at the airport

canaries, seized

Photo: Internal Revenue Service/disclosure

The birds were apprehended, collected and sent to the Wild Animal Screening Center (Cetas). Read the full news

2. Meet one of the largest cattle breeds in the world

chianina cattle

Photo: Giro do Boi/reproduction

The chianina bovine can reach 1.8 meters in height. Check out the details of this breed in the report of the Giro do Boi program

1. ‘end of the world’ fish that heralds disaster is caught; check out video


Photo: Playback / social networks

The case reported earlier this month scared residents, as, according to popular belief, the giant fish tends to attract natural disasters. Learn more about this story here

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