Documents from the legal fight between Johnny Deep and Amber Heard reveal heavy information rejected by the court

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The case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard It may have come to an end in the courts, but the drama continues to gain new repercussions on the internet. This time, a group of fans of the actor ended up, accidentally, touching new rotten Depp that had been omitted from the trial.

It all started when the lawyer and Youtuber Andrea Burkhart, who covered the entire trial on his channel, ran a crowdfunding campaign to pay court fees to gain access to private case documents. You fans in Johnny Depp, hoping to find new charges against Heard, they helped and raised $3,300. The documents, however, paint a truly offensive aggressive of the actor’s judicial team.

The files were made available on Burkhart’s website, with their more than six thousand pages extensively analyzed by vehicles such as Daily Beast. Inside the documents, it is possible to find “evidence” that Depp’s legal team tried to use in the case, but ended up with. refused by the judge of the case.

The first of these is the fact that they were submitted Heard’s intimate photosalong with an entire history of her and her sister’s ex-boyfriends, Whitney Heard, plus details of when Amber Heard worked as a dancer in an erotic ballad in an attempt to portray her as a call girl. The evidence was refused and filed under the section “irrelevant personal matters”.

New documents display a series of evidence rejected by the judge, or else removed at the request of Depp’s legal team.

In another of the questionable tactics, Depp’s legal team pulled Heard’s driver’s license and ticket history. The reason was to try to suggest a connection between an old car accident that took the life of a close friend of Amber Heard.

According to the documents, Depp’s prosecution questioned the actress’ sister, asking if Heard had a romantic relationship with the victim in question, and if she was the one behind the wheel on the day of her death. Whitney Heard denied everything, and also had to clarify that she had not suffered any type of physical aggression from her sister, something that was also hinted at by the actor’s legal team.

There are still a number of evidence presented by the Heard team who were excluded from the trial, at the request of the Depp team. From start, Heard’s lawyers tried to include erectile dysfunction drugs in depp, arguing that this helped to corroborate the sexual abuse suffered by the actress with a bottle of alcoholic beverage.

The other information that was archived includes exchanges of messages between the actor and Marilyn Mansonto avoid “guilt by association“; reports that indicate digital manipulation in the photos that supposedly show aggressions that he suffered at the hands of the actress; requests to withhold a statement where the team assumes that Depp doesn’t suffer from any kind of emotional or physical consequences. because of the relationship with Heard or the affair; and a series of testimonies by health professionals, such as psychiatrists and therapists, who show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of domestic violence heard suffered.

At the request of Johnny Depp’s team, numerous evidence was excluded from the trial – such as several medical reports that point out that Amber Heard suffers from post-traumatic stress caused by domestic violence.

On Amber Head’s side, the most questionable is a list of actors comparable to her status, which was used (and refused) to try to prove that the whole hustle of the case got in the way of her career. The list includes names like Jason Momoa, Chris Pine, Gal Gadot, Zendaya and Ana de Armas – despite the fact that all of these were already bigger stars than Amber Heard long before the trial began.

In the end, the new documents could end up creating public pressure for the trial to be resumed and the verdict overturned, something that Amber Heard and her team have already appealed to ask for – and were denied by the judge in the case.

So the case that seemed closed, when the actress was ordered to pay about $10 million to her ex-husband, could drag on for a while longer.

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