Films to Watch at the Venice Film Festival

Caio Pimenta presents a list of films to keep an eye out for at the Venice Film Festival 2022 aiming for the 2023 Oscars.


The Venice Film Festival has changed its focus in the last decade: from a space for great authors of European cinema and some important names from the USA, the event started to focus on Hollywood stars and the works of North American studios that aimed at the season of awards.

Being held in September, when the big festivals of the second semester take place, helps a lot in the studios’ strategies. Venice also takes advantage of the match with Netflix and similar services, unlike Cannes, where streaming has a turbulent relationship.

The change in importance from Venice to the Oscars is visible when we compare the selections of the Italian event over time.

black swan” was the only one from the 2010 selection that won the Oscars the following year, while 2011 did not yield anyone.“The master” it even won the Director award for Paul Thomas Anderson in Italy, but was left out of the Academy finalists, while in 2013, “Philomena” did the Venice-Los Angeles double.

One can see the turn of Hollywood’s gaze in 2014 with “Birdman”: the production of Fox Searchlight Pictures was launched at the festival with the presence of Alejandro Gonzalez-Iñarritu and the super cast.

The consolidation of the new vision of Venice arrives with the out-of-competition debut of “spotlight” next year. For those who don’t remember, the two productions with Michael Keaton won Oscars. In 2015, we still saw the nominees at the festival “The Danish girl” and “anomalies”, in addition to the then big bet of Netflix, “Beasts of No Nation

From then on, Venice saw the launch of great Oscar candidates en masse: in 2016, we had “The arrival”, “Jackie”, “La La Land”, “Nocturnal Animals” and “until the last man”.

Next year, “The Shape of Water” won the Golden Lion, a success achieved by “Pomegranate” in 2018, “Joker” in 2019 and “Nomadland” in 2020. Last year “Attack of the Dogs” won Jane Campion Best Director in both Venice and the Academy.


The edition of the Venice Film Festival 2022, however, promises to surpass all others in relation to the Oscars. We have candidates everywhere, coming from the most diverse corners of the planet.

In Best Actress, for example, two names should draw attention.

Netflix will finally release the long-awaited “Blonde”Andrew Dominik’s controversial new film.

The spotlight will be on Ana de Armas playing Marylin Monroe and her attempt to reach the Oscars for the first time.

Already Cate Blanchett look for the third figurine with “Tar”a Focus Features project directed by Todd Field.

And then there’s Tilda Swinton with “The Eternal Daughter”a new feature by Joanna Hogg, known for “The Souvenir”, and Patricia Clarkson, the protagonist of “Monica”by Italian director Andrea Pallaoro.

Seems like a lot, right? But, that’s because you didn’t see the possibilities for Best Actor.

Hugh Jackman is the star of “The Son”drama by Florian Zeller, director of the excellent “My dad”.

The production is part of the Frenchman’s trilogy and also features in the cast Anthony HopkinsLaura Dern and Vanessa Kirby.

“Bones & All” reunites Timothée Chalamet with Luca Guadagnino again after the success of “Call Me By Your Name”. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for Taylor Russell.

Speaking of reunions, there’s Colin Farrell and Martin McDonaugh in “The Banshees of Inisherin”.

Together, they made “Na Mira do Chefe” and “Seven Psychopaths and a Shih Tzu”.

The director is on top of the success of “Three Ads for a Crime”.

And, of course, Brendan Fraser can’t be missed with his impressive physical transformation into “The Whale”.

If I want to exaggerate, there’s still Ricardo Darín with “Argentina, 1985”.

By the way, the brothers can arrive again at the Oscar for International Film. To check.


Do you think it’s over?

None of that: two darlings of the Academy, the two-time champion Alejandro González Inarritu and Noam Baumbach will launch the new feature films in Venice.

The Mexican arrives with “Bard” and will follow the paths of fellow countryman Alfonso Cuáron as he returns to his native country based on a personal story.

Baumbach adapts “White Noise”a classic of US literature written by Don DeLillo.

Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig and Jodie Turner-Smith are in the cast and it’s good to keep an eye out for each of them in the acting categories.

And finally, it has “Do not worry, dear”suspense that should make the temperature rise in Venice.

Olivia Wilde has already been highly praised with “Outstanding” and, now, leaves for a more daring work alongside Harry Styles and Florence Pugh.

And there are also documentaries by Frederick Wiseman and Laura Poitras, giants of the sector in the USA.

Yes, Venice will be the big heat for the Oscars 2023.

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