Fluminense turns, but gives Santos a draw in a busy game in Vila

In a game in Vila Belmiro, Santos and Fluminense drew 2-2, tonight (1), for the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship. Peixe opened the scoring in the first half, with Luiz Felipe, took the turn in the final stage, with Paulo Henrique Ganso and Arias, and got a draw at the end, with Marcos Leonardo.

Santos was better in the first half and opened the scoring with Luiz Felipe, in a corner kick. In the final stage, Fluminense dominated the game and turned in one minute: at 25, Sandry committed a silly penalty on Matheus Martins and Ganso converted with a cavadinha. In the celebration, shirt 10 asked the visiting crowd to “govern the maestro” and was charged by Felipe Jonatan. Seconds later, Cano fixed it and Arias hit it beautifully from outside the area.

Goose was even booed all the time in the village. Former Santos player, the midfielder had a troubled departure for São Paulo, but almost returned to Peixe in 2021, when Fernando Diniz was in Vila Belmiro.

Santos de Lisca had the power of reaction, put pressure on Fluminense in the final part of the game and reached the tie in a beautiful goal, at 40′ of the final stage. Rodrigo Fernández launched, Ângelo crossed and Marcos Leonardo swelled the nets to keep everything even.

With the tie, Santos remains in ninth place in the Brasileirão table, with 26 points. Fluminense is still third, with 37. Peixe will return to the field to face Coritiba, in Couto Pereira on Monday (8), for the 21st round. Tricolor will receive Cuiabá on Sunday (7).


Who did well at Santos: Carlos Sánchez and Marcos Leonardo

The Uruguayan was lucid during the time and created good plays for Peixe. When he came out to Sandry’s entrance, the team took a turn for the worse. Already Marcos Leonardo worked all the time for Fluminense and even tied the game in the end.

Who was bad at Santos: Sandry

The midfielder came on in the second half and had a very bad performance. In addition to the silly penalty committed on Matheus Martins, Sandry made other silly fouls, missed passes and did not provide the attack.

Who did well in Fluminense: Ganso

Shirt 10 dictated the rhythm of the Flu and created the best chances. In the first half, the midfielder hit the post with a free kick. In the second half, he converted a penalty kick. Ex-Santos, he was booed the whole time.

Who was bad at Fluminense: Caio Paulista

The left-back “found” by Diniz did not do well and had many problems to mark the right side of Santos’ attack.

Santos’ game: there was a lack of consistency and there was a lack of will

Santos had a good first half, when they gave Fluminense little space in a well-compacted and zoned marking. In the final stage, however, Peixe did not maintain its performance and was cornered by the visitors. In the end, on the basis of the race, the Fish pulled the tie.

Fluminense’s game: frustrating second half

After 47 bad minutes, Fluminense came back better for the second half. Diniz removed defender Luccas Claro for Martinelli’s entry and improved the team’s ball output, which returned to play as usual in the Brasileirão. After the second goal, however, the visitors were once again inferior to Santos, who sought a draw.

Lisca’s Finger

After a free week, the new Santos coach changed the team: Camacho in midfield, Carlos Sánchez in the frame and Lucas Barbosa on the right wing were the news, in addition to the returns of Maicon and Luiz Felipe. The first goal of Peixe had a corner kick by Sánchez, a deflection by Barbosa and opportunism by Luiz Felipe.

In the second half, Lisca put Sandry and not Rodrigo Fernández in place of Sánchez. Sandry committed the game-changing penalty. Fernández and Ângelo, on the other hand, entered the final stage and scored Marcos Leonardo’s goal.

show aside

Santos’ mascots, Baleião and Baleinha, danced Michael Jackson’s Thriller, before the ball rolled.


Date: August 1, 2022 (Monday)
Time: 8 pm
Place: Vila Belmiro, in Santos (SP)
Referee: Braulio da Silva Machado (SC)
Assistants: Kleber Lucio Gil and Thiaggo Americano Labes (both from SC)
VAR: Rodrigo Dalonso Ferreira (SC)
Audience and income: 11,943 paying / BRL 372,325.00
Yellow cards: Camacho and Madson (Santos) and Caio Paulista, André and Wellington (Fluminense)

goals: Luiz Felipe (SAN), 15 minutes into the first half; Ganso (FLU), at 25′, and Arias (FLU), at 26′, and Marcos Leonardo (SAN), at 40′ of the second half

SAINTS: João Paulo, Madson, Maicon, Luiz Felipe and Felipe Jonatan; Camacho (Rodrigo Fernández), Vinicius Zanocelo (Angelo) and Carlos Sánchez (Sandry); Lucas Barbosa (Léo Baptistão), Lucas Braga and Marcos Leonardo. Technician: Lisca

FLUMINENSE: Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Luccas Claro (Martinelli) and Caio Paulista; André, Nonato (Willian) and Paulo Henrique Ganso (David Duarte); Matheus Martins (Wellington), Arias (Pineda) and Cano. Technician: Fernando Diniz

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