Fred comments on leaving Atltico for Cruzeiro and advises athletes: ‘Avoid’

Fred retired in
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Fred retired in early July

The recently retired striker Fred commented on his departure from Atltico to Cruzeiro and advised other athletes to avoid this situation, as, according to him, it was “crazy”. with the celestial blue team, in a negotiation that is discussed until the present day.

In an interview with the podcast podPah This Monday (1), Fred, who retired at the beginning of July, for Fluminense, spoke about leaving Atltico, the transfer to Cruzeiro, at the end of 2017, and advised players to think well about doing this movement.

“A weariness that if I can tell other athletes: avoid. Here in So Paulo there are four big ones, in Minas there are three, with greater rivalry between Cruzeiro and Atltico. Where there are fewer teams, it’s worse. You don’t live”, said Fred.

As he played in the three great teams in Minas Gerais, Frederico Chaves Guedes knows the fans and understands how charging works. That’s why the former top scorer highlighted how he arrived at Raposa in 2018. “When I left Galo to go to Cruzeiro, it was crazy, full pressure”, concluded the former striker.

Passage through the Atlantic

In June 2016, Atltico announced the signing of forward Fred. At Galo, he made 28 appearances in the first season, with 12 goals. In 2017, there were 55 games and 30 balls in the nets. Despite this, the striker did not fall in favor of the white-and-white fans.

When he got it right with Cruzeiro, he deleted all the photos with the Atltico shirt. This had a huge impact on social media.

“I think that’s part of it. Somehow, he understood that he should have done that, I don’t make that value judgment because we don’t know why, what happened”, says Domnico Bhering, who was Atltico’s communications director at occasion.

“There was no indignation on the board, there was a surprise. He left Atltico that way, we thought he would go abroad or to Flamengo, but he got it right with Cruzeiro. Normal, how many players haven’t switched sides like that? of football,” he added.

Passage by Cruise

At Cruzeiro, Fred lived two distinct moments. In 2004 and 2005, he scored many goals and became the crowd’s favorite. On his return, from 2018 to 2020, he participated in the unprecedented relegation in celestial history and had to “hide in the countryside”, words of the scorer himself, for the shame of the fall to Serie B.

In his first year at Toca II, he played 28 games and scored 16 times. In 2005, there were 43 matches and 40 goals. The big phase caught the attention of Lyon, who bought him for around 15 million euros.

In December 2017, the striker returned to Cruzeiro, in what is considered one of the worst deals in the club’s history, even by those who participated in the Wagner Pires de S management – the case of the then general director of Cruzeiro, Srgio Nonato.

“In financial terms, it was terrible for Cruzeiro. It was a contract between Itair and Wagner, I only found out when it was agreed. Cruzeiro still has the loss,” recalls Serginho.

At that time, Fred made an agreement to break his contract with Atltico. However, there was a fine of R$ 10 million if the number 9 transferred to Cruzeiro. That is what happened. The celestial board agreed, and today the debt exceeds R$ 23 million.

Last year, Fred even called Cruzeiro na Justia for the club to assume the debt with Atltico. In addition, Raposa has a R$ 25 million labor debt with the striker.

In all, Fred made 138 official games for Cruzeiro, with 81 goals.

Fred’s farewell with a party at Maracan

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