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With an officially renewed contract, Geromel gave a press conference this Monday afternoon, before Grêmio’s training at CT Luiz Carvalho. After reaching 60% of games in the year to activate automatic renewal clause, the defender stated that he intends to retire at the club, but before he keeps his focus on the main goal of the year, which is to return to the first division.

About to turn 37, the defender had his contract extended until 2023. He said that he still does not know if this will be his last season with the tricolor shirt and that he will continue playing until the moment he no longer feels useful.

– I will end my career at Grêmio. I am renewing for another year and I hope to finish my career here. It was a place where I was very well received. In 10 years in Europe, I had never had the chance to play in a club that was fighting for the title. And I was lucky enough to get to Grêmio, play in the finals. I was happy to be champion with Grêmio, to play in a World Cup. And all that was provided by Grêmio. I’ve had numerous proposals to leave, but staying here was the best decision I made – said Geromel.

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Geromel has a contract automatically renewed for 2023 — Photo: João Victor Teixeira

The captain has been one of the main players in Roger Machado’s team and is one of those responsible for the team having the best defense in Serie B. Despite the moment being a celebration, the Grêmio idol remains focused on the campaign to return to the elite of the Brasileirão.

– I can’t think long term. My objective is to return Grêmio to the first division. I played 30 games in a row (this season) and I hope to play the rest of the year and take Grêmio back to Serie A – he added.

The defender arrived in Porto Alegre in 2014 and with the renewal he will go into his 10th season with the tricolor shirt. Geromel revealed that throughout his trajectory so far, the moment that marked him the most was not on the field, but before the 2016 Copa do Brasil final at the Arena.

– The first (most striking) thing in these nine years of Grêmio is when we came to play the final of the Copa do Brasil at the Arena and almost arrived late because the crowd was very euphoric. Being able to live this moment, lifting the cup and rescuing the pride of being a Grêmio, I am having the pleasure of experiencing it. This arrival at the Arena to win this title is one of the most remarkable facts – he said.

Geromel is one of the leaders of the best defense in Serie B — Photo: João Victor Teixeira

In numbers, the defender is having one of his best seasons in the Rio Grande do Sul capital. So far, there have been 33 games in 2022, which place him among the athletes who most entered the field for the team in the season. Geromel just won’t be able to reach the numbers of 2016, when he played 53 matches, but the team also had more commitments throughout the year.

There are 17 games left until the end of Serie B. If the captain plays all the rounds, even if it is difficult, even because he is hanging, he will reach 50 games and will have the second best season for the club in number of games. With one of the best performances of the team, Geromel does not guarantee to stay even longer at the club.

– I can’t tell you, because if I’m playing as I am, there’s no way to stop. But if for a physical reason I can’t deliver what I’m yielding, I won’t feel like staying here without contributing. As long as I feel like I’m helping, I’ll follow,” she added.

Grêmio resumes activities this Monday in preparation for the duel against Guarani, for the 22nd round of Serie B. .

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