Glove of Pedreiro reveals offer of three teams to play: “I wanted to”

Glove de Pedreiro says he lied to Neymar

Credit: Reproduction / Globo

The success of the kicks in his videos led Luva de Pedreiro to some proposals to try out as a football player. Praised for paintings from afar, the athlete, however, focuses on the internet.

In an interview with the newspaper Throw!, Iran Ferreira revealed that he received three offers recently. However, the player said that he prefers to stay focused on life as an influencer in the football world.

“Until a couple of months ago, I wanted to be a football player. But now I’m going to make a video. Proposal I received about three. Proposals (which looked) good. But it was just an illusion. I prefer to be in the video now”, said Luva de Pedreiro.

Away from the most popular fields in Brazil, Iran continues to be successful with the videos recorded in the dirt field in the interior of Bahia, even living in a luxury condominium in Recife.

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The young man, along with his parents, also stressed that he prefers the simplicity of Quijingue, his hometown.

“It’s different, right? But I like my place (Quijingue), to be honest. Here (Recife) it’s just for work. There I was born, there are my friends. I played ball since I was little. My place is there. The things I do (here) are to help them. I’ll make it, God willing”, commented Luva de Pedreiro to the Throw!.

Mason’s Glove lives a new era with Falcão

After the controversy with the former manager, Allan Jesus, Iran Ferreira celebrates each new step with his fans on social networks. This Tuesday, the influencer announced the signing of an exclusive sponsorship agreement with Adidas, one of the main sports brands in the world.

The presence of Glova de Pedreiro in the Qatar World Cup is also taken for granted. Alongside Falcão, one of his new partners, the influencer makes clear in his profile on the internet the freedom he has since the breach of contract with Allan Jesus.

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